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Medical marijuana?

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  • Medical marijuana?

    I don't know if this is okay to discuss here but I'm curious. Is this ever used as a treatment for pain for IC? It's legal in my state.

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    Yes it has been and we did two articles on medicinal marijuana in our Fall IC Optimist. You might want to get that. They are even developing a new bladder instillation based upon THC at an IC research center, though it is a few years out!!!! If it's legal, the antispasmodic and pain care properties make it compelling and I certainly think it's worth discussing with your doctor.

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      I use marijuana to help cope with IC. I've posted about it before on this site, so if you do a bit snooping around, I'm sure you'll come across those discussion threads.

      I'm Canadian and I live in a fairly permissive city when it comes to marijuana. I don't have a prescription for it, but my doctor and I have discussed my using it many times and he never had a problem with it (aside from the 'smoking' part -- and I solved that by getting a vaporizer). In fact, I've told at least 10 various health professionals over the past year about my use and not once have a ever received a harsh word or rebuke. Most docs and nurses are understanding in my experience.

      I mostly use marijuana to help give me distraction from the pain. It will mask a minor flare for me, but usually it just helps me deal with the resulting lack of appetite, nausea, and tiredness that comes with chronic pain. I know, using MJ to combat tiredness sounds ridiculous, but it has gotten me through countless afternoons and evenings where I felt totally useless -- I actually get up and go for a walk (with my partner in tow), do chores, make dinner, etc.

      If you want to know more, please feel free to private message me. Ask whatever you like about it ... I'm not shy!
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        ever try K2?

        Originally posted by knitter View Post
        I don't know if this is okay to discuss here but I'm curious. Is this ever used as a treatment for pain for IC? It's legal in my state.
        I live in Virginia so I can't get or smoke Pot but I've tried K2 (legal in VA) and found relief, but I didn't much like being stoned the first time I used it. I found I concentrated alot on my bladder and thought it hurt more than normal. That lasted until the effects went away. I've used again and found the correct amount to smoke