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Searching for a comprehensive pelvic pain clinic

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  • Searching for a comprehensive pelvic pain clinic

    I've had IC for a long time since 2003. Well let's just say it's probably IC. Uro doc couldn't do a hydrodistension during the cystoscopy because the posterior bladder wall looked so thin the uro. said doing the hydro would have ruptured it. Uro thinks its more fibromyalgia affecting the bladder rather than IC but I don't buy it. I have bladder spasms and constant pain in the pelvic region. They found some endo. on the laparoscopy but who knows if that's what's causing the pain. You can have endo and no pain. Have tried it all, Elmiron, DMSO, numerous meds, PT, etc. The only thing that helps is a heating pad, Vicodin, manage stress and trying to adhere to the IC diet. So, I'm ready for the next level - nerve blocks, botox, trigger point therapy, whatever. I'm so fed up with this.

    Anyway, can anyone recommend a comprehensive chronic pelvic pain clinic in the US? One where they have urogyno's on board, physical therapy, counseling, dietitian, the whole package? I live in a small town in Florida. I haven't found anything in the state, not even Miami or Tampa. Willing to travel anywhere. Thanks