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Mild case, but bad flare…I think

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  • Mild case, but bad flare…I think

    I have a pretty mild case of IC, but lately I feel like I'm having a pretty bad flare. I've had a lot of random symptoms that I've never really had before and since I'm pretty new to this, I just wanted to get everyone's take on them.

    Pelvic pain (of course) but every once in a while it gets really, really sharp. Almost like a tiny knife stabbing me. Along with back and chest pain. Another weird symptom I've had which I don't know if anyone else gets, is (and I don't know any other way to describe it) almost as if my guts or organs were twitching- that's about the only way I can explain it. It's to the point if I'm sitting still I have to rub or clutch my stomach to make it stop. I get this sensation in random places on my lower and mid abdomen.

    My major symptom for the past couple days is that I've been extremely nauseated and dizzy, I stare at a computer all day at work so I know that doesn't help, but as soon as I woke up today I felt that way and I've felt it several times before I was diagnosed. Didn't know if anyone would have insight to these unfamiliar symptoms or if they might have a great way of treating any of them!

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    Im just wondering how you know its a mild case?


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      Hi! From what I've told my doctor about my symptoms she has let me know that I was diagnosed very early on (I was diagnosed within months of having pretty minor symptoms). And I've learned a lot from this forum and online as well. From what I've read about other people's symptoms mine are not as severe. But I suppose I'm still learning!!


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        I have some concerns about chest pain. I really think you should talk this over with your doctor.

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