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Morphine vs. methadone - on which were you more sleepy?

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  • playethic
    What about the Suboxone, the one that's like Methadone -- what were the pro's / con's for you, and how was your sleepiness/functioning when you were on it?

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    I've tried Fentanyl patches, MS contin (long acting Morphine) and Suboxone which is kind of like Methadone. I found the MS contin worked the best even with bladder spasms. I found I was mostly sleepy with the Fentanyl patch and it didn't work as well. Hope this helps, good luck.


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  • Morphine vs. methadone - on which were you more sleepy?

    Morphine vs. methadone

    I've had a couple of private messages in response to a few paragraphs about pain management in a post I put in the self-introduction forum.

    I'm interested to ask more broadly to ask about others experiences with the pro's and con's of the different morphines vs. methadone.

    At some point I'm interested in hearing other's pro/con experiences of the specific different morphine drugs, and I can share some of my experiences with those.

    Right now I'm most curious about those who've shifted from morphine to methadone, or the other way, and how well the pain was managed (or not) and what kind of changes they experienced in terms of that heavy groggy/drowsy/droopy/sleep-al-the-time-ness.

    I also have pretty much made the methadone decision.
    Barring anything really dramatic happening at tomorrow(Friday)'s appointments, I have decided also to start on methadone this coming Sunday.

    I appreciate any thoughts, experiences, feedback.