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  • Revolutionary Pain Therapy Treatment

    My pain management physician gave me information on "Calmare" pain therapy treatment. Its a multiprocessor apparatus that simulate five artificial neurons, allowing five separate pain areas to be treated simultaneously. It is for various types of neuropathic (which I believe IC is ) visceral (organ) and cancer pain. Electrodes are applied and for mixed neuropathic pain 10-12 consecutive treatments of 45 minutes once a day is done and every time the pain recurs. What it does is send signals through the neurons sending non-pain signals to the brain. It is not like a TENS unit. My PMD said it is like resetting the central nervous system. Insurance doesn't cover it yet but he's going to write a letter to my insurance company asking to cover it since my pain is pretty much non-refractive to pain medications.

    Has any one on this site tried it yet? Google Calmare to read about it. It's supposed to help with people who have abdominal pain so I wonder if it would help with IC?

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    That sounds good.