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    Let me start by giving a little background on myself. I have been diagnosed with IC since Feb of 2008. It was found after I had an endometrial ablation was in agonizing pain. My regular OB/GYN was baffled and I was referred to a pelvic pain center in a nearby town. I had a total hysterectomy, one tube and ovary removed, cysts removed from the remaining ovary, hernia repair, and hydro. I had the tell-tell pinpoint signs of IC on my bladder. I was put on Elmiron, Elavil, and Atarax. I suffer from chronic non-healing wounds. So the four incision from the surgery opened. They continued to grow. I had a surgically revision and at one point was put on a wound vac. because of the complications I had to leave my job of seven years as a pharmacy technician because of all the time I was missing from work. I also was going to school full-time working on my BS in Accounting. In 2009, I had the worse and first IC flare. I was beddridden for weeks. As a result, I had to medically withdraw from school. After about six months I stopped the current meds and went on Utira-C and Flexeril. In time, those two stopped working.

    I got over the flare and my dr found the cocktail that finally worked. I was put on Lyrica 200mg three times a day, Baclofen 20 mg three times a day, Utira-C four times a day as needed, Lidoderm patches, Sanctura XR in the morning. I also, started working in a pharmacy that was very high volume. Doing almost three times the prescriptions that I was accustomed too. but, I was handling it well. Then, a co-worker and I began to have problems. And the stress started to mount. I was put on Lortab 5 and it was gradually increased to 10's. I was also put on Nucynta 50 mg every 6 hours as needed. That employee was eventully fired and I was like Thank You. The situation did not involve me at all either.

    Well, last Saturday, I was pushed to the boiling point and beyaond. I normally don't care what others do at work. I pay attention to my duties anfd try to fly below the radar. But, I hate people who kiss up to avoid work because it was just me, her and the pharmacist. And we were busting our butts and she was in another world. One that didn't include work. There is a restroom in the pharmacy and it was I lifesaver for people like us who are always are on the lookout for the nearest bathroom. Headquarters decided techs could no longer use this restroom. I told my supervisor about my condition and she said it was not a problem and just go when I needed too. But I always get stuck ar drop off. That position interacts with the patients (and the majority of ours are mean) and type the prescriptions. No one likes this position but I love it. The only problem is I can't get anyone to take my place so I can go to the restroom. And as you all know if I don't go and try to hold it and ypu are going to pay for it later. So, my bladder has been screaming for the past month. I brought this fact to the manager's attention but nothings changed. So, on Saturday, she would not take my place. I am running back and forth between drop off, inputting, and the filling station. One tech also called in. So after 7 it would be the non-working tech and the pharmacist and I was going to stay. But after the tech had to be asked by me if she could take my place so I can go on break (really the bathroom but no one except two people no how difficult and painful this job is to me) I decided not to stay. Needless to say, this same person would not take my place so I could go home so I ended up staying. I could literally feel the muscles tightening. Also have PFD. Did PT.

    I spent the rest of Saturday night in bed. Sunday I was awaken in unbearable pain. My entire pelvic area (my pain is normally on one side), back , and bladder were screaming you IDIOT. I had to call in Monday, and Tuesday. The only time I called end was after a nerve block. It didn't go well. That is a new symptom. My IC pain is normally caused by nerves. And I have strated having shooing pain in my groin area that radiates down my leg. I see a neurologist next month. And a Ortho dr is doing the nerve blocks trying to get the back pain manageable again. I called my IC dr of 3 years and explained to the nurse that at my job there is a point system. Anbd after so many points you are fired unless you take a leave. I asked if I could take a leave and try to get a handle on the pain. I was dealing with the stress and making it to work everyday but after the shouting match (and it was a shouting match) with the other employee I was having an IC flare. The nurse calls me back and say that the dr doesn't do leaves for a functional problem. I went to work tonight and that was a mistake. I was going to the restroom more even though I had little to drink and I can't sleep. The pain is out of control. As someone who works in a pharmacy, I know that pain meds work best before the pain is so severe. And I can't take the meds and work. My job requires correctness.

    I have, even with insurance, paid this dr hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I spend my paycheck on dr bills and medicines. I can't afford to start over with a new dr. I was also recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. I will fall asleep anywhere and Provigil does nothing. So, I was advised not to drive. So, I can't travel long distance to see a new dr. That and the stops at burger Kings to use the restroom. I don't know what to do.

    I don't want to stop work all together. I have short term disablility that I pay for that I if I did take a leave I would have some income coming and and it would pay for the insurance while I was off. I just want something in writing so if I am in a flare I won't be penalized and lose my job and health insurance. My husband isn't working right now and with three kids we have to have that insurance. If, anybody has any ideas of what to do please let me know. I have an appointment with him tomorrow and I am going to try to change his mind. But I don't know what to say.

    Sorry also for the lenghth. But writing this all down has made me feel a little better. I hope someone has a solution.

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    You might print out what you posted here and take that with you to talk with him. He could just write a note on a prescription pad --- it doesn't have to be a letter to be effective.

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      What the heck is a "functional" problem? That would be the first question to ask him. Because you are not missing a limb or something? Is he thinking you have a mental problem? Definitely print some stuff out and put it in his hands. What a shame you are going through this stress, you sound like a loyal employee, one I would hire. Can you cut back to part time maybe? Just to pay for your insurance. Times are so tough for everyone these days, and to have IC on top of it all makes it more stressful. Tough to work with someone with whom you do not get along. A lot of us have been there, actually have cried in the past before going in because of some of the toxic people. Can totally sympathize with your situation. Hopefully your doctor will as well and see that you need a little break to heal. Good luck to you, let us all know how you make out. Jill, wife of Bob