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Strawberrys and tampons?

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  • Strawberrys and tampons?

    will strawberrys make burning worse, or tampons, i dont wear pads because they make me get infections but could tampons be iritating my urethra and be causing extra swelling in the urethra than i usual?

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    I can eat a few strawberries but I usually can't wear tampons anymore, which I really hate! They could be irritating but for me, I would think that tampons would be riskier for infections. Maybe if you changed your pads really often. Or only wear the pads at night so neither one could have time to bother you. I used to never use a tampon at night, always told not to but now they say you can go 8 hours and it is ok. I find now that I am very aware of the tampon and I hate that feeling, it hurts.
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      they have these things and im not sure what they are called but you put it in the vagina and its like a cup. My dr recommended using it. Also if pads irritate you try buying unscented. They have some on here you can buy. Pads used to irritate the hell out of my vulva and would cause yeast infection like symptoms. I can now wear pantiliners cause I dont have a period and it doesnt irritate anymore. My gyn said no always or kotex. Something in the lining is irritating to the vulvar area.
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        I used those cup things for a while, can't remember what they are called. They worked ok, I was always worried that I didn't have it right. Not for the squeemish either.
        Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

        American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
        Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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          Strawberries were definitely a trigger food for me.

          Tampons could be a pain, but not as painful as a pad. But thru trial and error I learned that I could tolerate Tampax Pearl tampons pretty well--junior and slender/lite size, non scented. I made sure to not change them any sooner than I had to (removing a dry tampon causes painful nicks and tears in the vaginal wall) and to cut the string short, as leaving it long always irritated my vulva badly.

          Pads, especially Always brand, caused me much more pain and irritation than a tampon. If I had to wear one, old-style Kotex brand seemed the softest and least irritating.


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            Strawberries are a problem for many ICers. I can have a few if I haven't had any other possible trigger food.

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              strawberries are a big trigger food for me...gotta avoid them.
              as far as pads, I use reuseable washable pads made by Luna. The are a super soft flannel material with lots of organic padding. I have enough that I can change throughout the day & just wash them all in cold water & start again the next. Saves a TON of money in purchasing store brands!
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