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hot bath anyone?

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  • hot bath anyone?

    When I have burning I like to take a scalding hot bath so hot im red when i get out of it..... I guess its so hot that it almost numbs my urethra... or maybe im just paying attention to the heat instead of the pain.... it doesnt hurt me it actually feel good. anyone else do this?

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    I can't take a scalding hot anything! Be careful that isn't good for your skin...anywhere. Also take your time when standing after that, I find that after sitting in a warm bath for a while I can get dizzy when if I stand up too fast. Have you tried taking a bath with baking soda in the water? When I am having really bad spasms it sometimes helps me.

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      I like a really hot bath too!



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        I never take baths anymore because I'm too afraid of getting another UTI from them. My daughter had to quit taking baths when she was 8 because she got about 3 UTI's, poor little thing and the doctor said no more baths. Once she switched to showers she never got another one.

        The idea of a hot bath once in awhile sounds nice though!

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          hot bath

          I have to agree with cmclein. I always worry about infection from baths.
          Having said that, out of desperation, I did try a fairly warm bath last night, but it didn't help very much. I didn't put in Baking Soda, though, so maybe that would have made the difference. I do know the baths help a lot of people here. Just please, as someone else said, be careful of the temp. Very hot water is hard on your skin and can raise your BP.


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            well i find that bubble bath hurt me however i shower after each bath and make sure its just water in the tub +these bath minerals, not salts, not fizzers... bath MINERALS i get them from the vitamin shop and they work wonders.