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  • Naproxen

    Anyone have any experiences with naproxen for IC pain? Has it helped? Not helped?

    Has anyone taken it regularly for a long time?
    Severe IC developed fairly quickly, autumn 2010.
    So severe that I was bed-bound & on 160mg/day morphine to cope with torturous pain levels, and unable to function other than hospital/medical appointments, for seven months. Then, miracle of miracles, something started working. I am steadily lowering the methadone dose level. I have been far out of that desperate nightmare hell zone for several months now and continue to improve.

    - Ranitidine (anti-histamine, H2-inhibitor) 300mg/day
    - Methadone 9 ml/day
    - Instillations:
    - 40ml Kenalog (steroid for inflammation) 2 x per
    week, along with rescue cocktail of heparin,
    lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate
    - 20ml Uracyst, monthly @ $100/per
    - Depo lupron injections for endometriosis, monthly @ $88/per

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    I take Naproxen twice daily, 2 tablets each dose. I take it for arthritis. I don't have a lot of pain with IC, mostly burning and frequency. I'm not sure if Naproxen has helped with the IC or not.


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      I take it on occassion. Doesn't bother my IC; I am taking it now for back pain, don't know if it is really helping me.


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        I took naproxen for YEARS for pelvic pain/cramps and joint pain. Never did anything but its all my dr would give me when I was a pediatric pt. I'm not sure if this is correct but I have seen some other people post about how naproxen can cause IC to flare-hopefully one of them will respond. I think ibuprofen 800 work better personally. Tramadol works wonders for moderate pain and headaches and it doesnt usually make me feel ditzy or high. I like to take tramadol during the day because it doesnt make me drowsy either. Tylenol 3 or tylenol pm works good at night for me.
        Diagnosis: IC '09, vulvodynia '10, fructose intolerance '06, GERD '06, fibromyalgia '09, IBS '10 and TMJ '09, PCOS '11, genital herpes '12

        Current Meds: Butrans patch, welbutrin, lamictol, geodon, xanax, aldactone, linzess, topimax, trazadone and diflucan as needed.

        Meds tried before: Elmiron, elavil, antibiotics, welbutrin, cymbalta, prozac, nerve blocks, instills, nyastatin, flexerol, percocet, naproxen (which was what I was given for pain for years).