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  • look inside bladder

    what is the name of the test where the doc looks inside the bladder in his
    doctor's office.
    Can this cause bladder pain that wont go away?

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    It's called a cystoscopy --- I've never heard of it causing permanent pain. I have had several and they only cause discomfort for a few hours.

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      (I had a hydro distention with cystoscopy. I do not know how traumatic the cystoscopy alone would be. The bladder being inflated and stretched is what caused the trauma for me.)

      I think that it depends on the person. I developed IC after pelvic trauma from kidney stones. The hydro was more traumatic on my bladdder than the stones were. I am now in much more pain than I was before the procedure. I really wish it was never done. The pain I am in now is much worse and it's all day, every day. I think it would be wise to try all other things before trying a hydro. If you developed IC after a trauma to the pelvic area, having a hydro is more trauma and could, and did in my case, lead to more damage and more pain. It does help some but not all.. In my case : trauma = damage which = pain. Best of luck and do your research first.
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        Like Donna said, the in-office procedure is simply called a cystoscopy. The cystoscopy with hydrodistension is not in-office and is handled like a surgery in a hospital. You don't have to be put under for just a simple cystoscopy. They're not that bad, I've had two. At least that was my experience.
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          Hello Ellie, I had an in office Cysto, no pain while the procedure was going on but a couple of hours later i was in terrible pain, I finally had to call for an emergency appointment and start instills that day. Please call your uro and let him or her know whats going on. I wasn't diagnosed with IC until the emergency appt. Hope you feel better soon.
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