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  • Pain medication question

    Hi all

    Hope things are ok with all of you and your symptoms are under control

    Mine has been quite ok for the past few months and I would like to know someting wrt pain medication.

    I've taken Augmentin a week ago, got into a terrible flare and still suffering from it. Stopped after day 3 and told the doc it feels like someone is pouring lava into my bladder.

    My GP gave me Synap Forte to use for pain. This contains caffeine however and I want to know if any of you use pain medication with caffeine it it? The other option he gave me is Ultracet, which I don't mind, but gives me terrible heartburn and chest pain.

    Another question: How can I be tested for a yeast/fungal infection? Im male and from what I've heard yeast is not so common in men.... I have no physical signs, but the fact that everytime I take an antibiotic I flare makes me quite suspicious. I have no partner so the yeast thing shouldnt be that easy to pinpoint....I dunno...maybe you guys can give me some help?

    O yes, another question....forgive all the q's Last year with my previous flareup my uro tried to cath me for an was pure hell...I screamed from the pain and the whole reception heard me. eventually they got the thing in, and injected the solution in it....well...the next day I had a massive UTI and was forced to take Bactrim for 10 days to get rid of it.....My internist said that he would not recommend this as treatment again but my Uro insists that we can try it again, but under sedation......

    I'm in a flare now and pain meds are my best friend...

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    If the antibiotic-induced flare goes away on its own, it's very possible that it isn't from yeast. They should be able to test you for yeast if you ask.

    Some ICers flare from some antibiotics so it's possible that is what's bringing on the flares.

    It's possible that if you can develop some relaxation techniques, catheterization could get easier. I would specifically ask that they use the smallest catheter available. I remember very well the first time I was cathed --- it hurt! --- but I have learned that if I concentrate on breathing slowly and evenly and consciously relax, it's not bad at all. I learned to cath myself some years ago so I can do self instillations if necessary.

    I can't take any of the anti-inflammatory medications.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      For the most part ab's make my bladder feel better. It could be something a filler etc that is in that ab that is bothering you.

      I would stay away from meds with caffine myself, but I know of a woman who posts that uses T3 and they have caffine but work good for her everyone is different.

      I get a UTI everytime I get cathed, but I have a very low immunity and can't fight off bugs.

      I try to avoid being cathed, I will if I have too but I do not get rescue instills, it seems a bit extrem to me to put you out for a rescue instill.

      Just my thoughts MG
      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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        tested negative for Percoset

        I have tested negative for Percoset two times in a row and now my doctor won't prescribe it for me. I take it at least three usually four times a day. Could it be I'm peeing it out? Percoset is the only med that works for me.


        Please respond to my email at [email protected] and here.



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          Everybody bodies process meds differently, and yes if you drink a lot you littlerally can pee it out.

          Were the tests done as urine tests, because it is more accurate done as a blood test. Most Dr. test the urine, ask for a blood test if this is not how the test was done.

          If your Dr presist in not believing you ask if you can come in for a day 3 x's and get the pill from the nurse so she can witness you take it, and then get tested.

          I know this sounds like a pain to do but it always seems like we are having to prove our selves in some way or another.

          Good luck Mg
          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.