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  • I need some feedback please

    I went to my urogyno today and he said for sure that it was my IC causing all mytrouble and my IC has gotten worse due to stress. He is going to do an injection in my vaginal walls for my pelvic floor spasm, thats on monda. Aug. 15 he i going to do a trial run for the interstem. As soon as they ge the info needed from my insurance for my hydrodstention they will be doing that in office. I didnt realize they could do that in office but he said they could put me to sleep and this way would be cheaper because all I have to pay in my office co pay. He said that I would have vaginal bleeding after the injections or my vestibulitis, Ive had a complete hysterectomy a anyone had this done can u tell me what causes the bleeding. Thank you so very much for ryour time and insight.

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    My first cysto with hydro.. was november. Bleeding, Oh Yes, but they didn't tell me it was more like hemmorraging . I bled for the next 21 hours after the cysto. also had to self cath d/t spasms/ pain. I couldn't urinate. I became so weak. I should have gone to the E.R. But I kept thinking it would it stop . But it didn't till after much prayer. Thank God.
    Of course this really scared myself and my husband. Won't be doning this again. I only had 6 weeks of relief of symtoms.
    However, Thje Dr. said most women with IC have 9-12 ,months of relief. so don't let my story stop you.
    Good Luck,


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      I had my first hydrodistention with my hysterctomy in feb. of 2009. I was in a lot of pain and I had bleeding but I had the stuff with the hysterectomy also so I didnt think much about it. And my nephew that was 6 at the time had an anurisum and almost died so that kinda of stressed me out and completely reversed the hydrodistention so I am hoping that this time it will take. But I didnt realize that it only lasted 9-12 months I was told every 2 yrs I could have it done. Thank you so much for your reply. Have you found anything hat has wrked for u? Im trying anything and everything!!!!!!!!!!


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        I usually go over a year between hydros --- for me it's well worth it. The last few times I've gone to the surgery center at my uro's office for the procedure and am only there a few hours.

        I hope you will have some real success for many months.

        Stay safe

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          Thank you Donna I a hoping for success also with all they r doin surly something will work


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            Hey girl,
            I don't want to sound negative. I was just honest. But everyone is diffferent I Know there are people with really good results with their hydo. I guess it just wasn't for me. My bladder will only hold about 150cc/ so when it was distented it tore on the inside. Thus the bleeding.. He said it wouldn't stretch. Atrophy, dz. I don't know.'
            Good thoughts for you. and thank you for responding to my note.


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              I think with IC there are alot of things that wrk for some and dont wrk for others. Im the kind of person Id rather u be straight up then sugar coat it for me lol