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Nervous about asking PM to up my meds help?

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  • Nervous about asking PM to up my meds help?

    Hi all , I was wondering if anyone has some advice on how to ask my doc to titrate my meds ? I recently moved and it killed me I was bed ridden for 5 days and now Im a lil more mobile but the pain is still exceeding the tolerable level even w meds . I see her at 2:30 today , her office is actually closing at the end of the month and she said she would pre-date me some prescriptions so I had some to hold me over til I found a new doctor . I am scared of being stuck w my pain worse and no doctor to talk to about the pain . My doctor is not very personable , she is very neutral and does not respond to any kind of emotion or sob stories ( I can kind of understand why ) I have been seeing her for a few months w no problems , I did once tell her that my pain levels were not as comfortable as I wouldve liked them to be , she said nothing to this . Im not sure if I should ask her to temporarily up my break through meds to get me through this flare of severe pain ? Maybe that would be better then asking her to permanently up them ?IDk , Im nervous about this but at the same time I cannot continue like this , its killing me . I have been so depressed ! I havent been able to unpack my apt , we are still living out of boxes because I cant stand or walk around for longer then maybe 30 to an hour at a time , so organizing is pretty slow moving at this point . Ive rested and rested and did all the things you are supposed to do when flaring but no cigar ! I really feel like Im at the end of my rope here , just sitting in the computer chair ( hard surface) it sending shockwaves of pain through my genitals, pelvis and back . Please any advice I would greatly appreciate on what approach may be best . I do have a friend taking me to the appt because driving is very difficult right now and also he can vouch ( if need be) on how bad I have been lately . I also feel better when I have support there , I am calmer , even though most appts I attend alone . Thanks for anyone who answers in advance !


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    I would simply tell her that with moving, etc., you are finding pain increased --- and ask if she has any suggestions for helping until things calm down a little.

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      Thanks Donna , It went really well actually . I asked her for a temporary increase to see if it helps me get through it . Also if I could increase my neurontin temporarily while Im just laying around anyway ( I dont tolerate high doses of it well ) .She told me to avoid anything physically stressful for awhile til everything calms down and that if nothing else seems to help to go to the ER and see if they can get ahead of the pain through IV meds or she'll suggest a few days in the hospital to insure I have the time to rest without the kids . She was concerned that my BP and heart rate were way too high , I was also anxious , so Im sure that didnt help !