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    I also took methadone, for about 4 years, 1998-2001. This is the first I have heard about heart problems. That is very scary. I have been on suboxone for about four years now. They started me on 3 8mg tabs a day, now I am down to 1 8mg film, split in half, 1/2 in the morning, 1/2 at night. It is not doing much for pain, needless to say, but I have been considering changing back to methadone, now I wonder???? Methadone worked so well for me, now I'm bummed out. Any suggestions on what I could transition to would be appreciated. Send your responses to [email protected]

    In alot of pain and FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!

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    Not everyone has a problem with methadone. I suggest you discuss your concerns with your pain management doctor.

    Stay safe

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      I was the one who initially posted the warning about the methadone. I was on it for 4 years and 2 docs before the 3rd doc mentioned the heartbeat issue. My doc does EKG's every 6 month to a year on all of his methadone patients and as long as they are in the normal range for the QT Interval (interval between heartbeats) then all is well. If it worked great for you before then I would suggest talking to your doc about the issue and request regular EKGs to make sure all stays well. I had no risk factors and was on a relatively low dose - no where near the dose that is supposed to cause problems and my EKG was on the high end of normal so doc didn't want to risk it. It worked great for me to and while my new med is doing ok I'm not where I was with the methadone.
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