I'm looking for names of Pain Management docs in Oklahoma. My current doctor is AMAZING and I love his attention to detail and his attention to his patients. However, his staff is the most incompetent staff on the planet. I have talked to him over and over and he is always apologetic and makes some excuse about hard to find good staff these days. I have about decided that I am done messing with them. So, if any of you have someone you can recommend in case I do decide to switch. I live in an area where I have to drive about 2 hours in any direction to get to a pain doc. My current doc sees me every 2 months and on the "off" month I call in and ask for my new scripts and he mails them to me. They won't let patients request scripts more than a week in advance but his staff takes 2 weeks to get them out. Forcing us to run out of meds and/or call them over and over and let them act like we are annoying.

I would appreciate any recommendations!!