I've not been as successful as I would've liked, managing my IC pain, since I was diagnosed and joined this discussion board many years back now.....but I have made some progress......and as any IC'er knows, ANY is always BETTER THAN NONE.

I've found guided meditation and light Yogic stretching can reduce my chronic pain by, I'd guess, sometimes up to 25%, and the meditation in particular can help during a flare by about the same percentage.

Many who aren't familiar with meditation and Yoga assume that it's all Buddhist and that by practicing, you're practicing Buddhism, which is not at all true. If you are a person of Faith, no matter what kind, you can adjust any meditation to be as religious or non-religious as you like. Meditation can be very much like prayer and most religions have some form of prayer.

I find, during flares, my anxiety goes through the roof. I get scared, then I get tense.......and then I've just made a horrible flare nearly unbearable. Simply being able to relax reduces pain.

I have this, sold at the IC Network store, and I reccommend it to everyone. Being an IC'er can cause you to be more sensetive to over doing it, physically, and having someone create a Yoga program specifically for us is WONDERFUL!

The following are 3 books/DVDs/CDs that I've used for meditation/self-hynosis. I think these three would be great to get a beginner started. Don't forget that Amazon uses vendors TO SELL USED BOOKS/CDS/DVDS! The prices are rock-bottom and the shipping, per item, rarely is higher than $4 for regular shipping.

1. The Pain Free Room: Self-Hypnosis

2. Meditation: Pain Relief: by JON KABAT-ZINN (Jon has two other publications/recordings on meditation as well that are excellent!) http://www.amazon.com/Mindfulness-Me...855307&sr=1-12

3. The Wisdom of the Breath (meditation) by Bodhipaksa

I hope they're as helpful to anyone else as they've been to me.

Peace of mind, Peace of heart