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  • Medication flare

    Are there any medications that seem to make you flare? I'm taking some medication for a toe infection and wondering if it could have started a flare.

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    Re: Medication flare

    I have been diagnosed with IC since 1983 and have gone through lots of treatments. For me I try to keep track of what causes a flare. I am in a flare now for first time in a couple of yrs. & only thing I can link it to is taking Lodrane D an antihistamine & decongestant. I am pretty careful about following an IC diet & usually I use pyridium plus for minor flare and Elavil nightly until the flare subsides. This time the flare has lasted 2 weeks so far and I still have bladder soreness & pressure. I have irritable bowel too & I think one goes with the other and are hard to differentiate at times.


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      Re: Medication flare

      Thanks for your reply. So many things can cause a flare sometimes it's hard to tell. I just remembered today that allergies make me flare and I think I'm allergic to this medicine so that could be the cause. I'm not taking anymore til I talk to my doctor. I hate taking medicine.


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        Re: Medication flare

        The last strange thing to cause a flare was Novacaine from several dental procedures that were all done in one month. The dentist now uses a different shot that doesn't have the ingredient that caused the irritation. It is not uncommon for "normal" people to react to the shot although the symptoms are different. Rapid heart never know. It's so frustrating.


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          Re: Medication flare

          YES! These meds/supplements make me flare HORRIBLY:

          B12 shots or oral B12 (bad, bad bad). I can use the nasal B12 spray.
          Magnesium supplements (Bad x's 3 again - land me in the ER with IC pain, I have no idea why)
          Demerol pain meds

          There are a few more but these are the worst offenders for now.
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          Many surgeries over the years, mainly: Total hysterectomy/Gallbladder & Thyroid removed

          Treatments: Tried all except Interstim, Botox injections and bladder removal. I've never been in remission.

          Daily-Prednisone steroid down to 3mg long-term, Demerol 50mg, Diazepam 2mg
          As needed-Home TENS unit, AZO Standard, Marshmallow Root Capsules, D Mannose powder, Prelief. STRICT IC DIET or I'm bed ridden. I'm under the care of a Pain Management Clinic.

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