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Are there any other Aussies?

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  • Are there any other Aussies?

    Just wondering if there are any other Australians out there that are having simliar problems?

    Peta hi

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    Hi Peta
    I am in NSW (Australia).
    As yet undiagnosed, but today I was browsing the web for information on my symptoms. I am new at all this.


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      Good to here from you. If you suspect you have IC, you probably have! Had symptoms since I was 12, only just diagonsed with IC last year. Hard to find a doctor who know and understands about it. I am really luck. the doctor I found was in Townsville. He is the Professor of urogyncology at the medical school and run the Pelvis research centre at one of the Townsville hospitals. (I have just move to Toowoomba to be with my partner) I fly up to Townsville every 8 weeks for treatment in the hospital. When you see a doctor make sure you know all about IC and ask for tests to be conducted. Good luck and talk to you soon

      Peta hi


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        Hi Peta
        I am approaching finding a doctor in a number of ways. Ive searched the web and found the urological society Got names and numbers. Then I rang my local hospital/urology clinic - the names corresponded. So I rang the Drs. rooms and asked "do you treat interstitial cystitis". My first appt is the end of March! I am not neurotic, but I do think I have IC - its "flared" every month (sometimes twice)since July, and when I think back, periodically for 20 years!

        Please tell me I am on the right track..



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          Hi Peta, I am another Aussie with IC I have had it for 11 yesrs and been in hospital 22 times, I live in Victoria Pascoe Vale. By the way I am a male and I am on the strongest pain killers available, Oxycontin 80mg, Oxynorm 20mg, Endone 5mg.
          Anyway good luck in your quest.

          Ronald :p


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            Originally posted by Peta
            Just wondering if there are any other Australians out there that are having simliar problems?

            Peta hi
            hi i am an ausie from queensland nice to meet you


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              Originally posted by KODY
              hi i am an ausie from queensland nice to meet you
              i have had ic now for 5 years and are having a really bad time with it atthe moment would love to chat to you


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                Another Aussie

                Hi Peta,
                Hello to you from Melbourne, there are more Aussies around here than I thought also.Hope you do well.


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                  How wonderful to meet five new aussies in one day!
                  Elvee, Kody, Peta, Suzanner and Ronald. You have come to the right place for support and help, as well as a laugh every now and then. Anything that takes your mind off this horrid disease for a few moments is good thing.

                  Suzanner, I also found this site by trawling around the internet and got so much help and good ideas that helped enormously before my final diagnosis.While I am a little older than you, we are close in age and I too had symptoms for many years, getting pushed from one doctor to another.Finding this site is what finally armed me with more ideas to take back to the medicos. Not to mention, saving my sanity
                  Elvee, I see Anita Clarke in East Melbourne and she has been wonderful. There is also a support group which holds 3monthly meetings in Heidelberg, with the next one in Sept.
                  Peta, my husband is a banana-bender too, coming from outside Allora which is about an hour from Toowoomba on the Darling Downs.So I have visited Toowoomba a number of times.
                  Ronald, you are just accross the freeway from me as I am in East Keilor! I'll give you a wave next time I'm on Bell Street.
                  Kody, what part of Queensland are you from? One of our wonderful members, Martha is from Brisbane, hopefully, she will pop in to say hello.
                  There are quite a few more aussies on the boards. Ronald, we even have another bloke - George.
                  The aussie thread has been a bit quiet of late. Perhaps it live liven up now with so many new faces.



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                    Hi everyone, and hello new people (or is it person... I notice this is an old thread)....

                    Will chat to the other new people in the other thread I just found...


                    "...I have spread my dreams under your feet;
                    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

                    W.B. Yeats, 1865 - 1939

                    Diagnosed with IC 11/02
                    Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2/06


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                      I live in Sydney and have a great urologist. this site is a blessing, I have learned so much from everyone on here. It's nice to know we are not alone.
                      Chronic Pain April 1997
                      Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia September 1999
                      Frequent UTIs
                      IC onset October 2005 Dx Jan 2006

                      Ditropan (no longer taking)
                      Amitriptyline (no longer taking due to insomnia)
                      Zolpidem Tartrate
                      Calcium Citrate


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                        Hi everyone

                        I'm from Sydney Australia and have had IC for around 3 years now. Does anyone know of any IC support groups in Sydney?


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                          Hey everyone Haven't been here for a while- lovely to see some new people! There are definately quite a few of us aussies on this board now- even though some of us visit very rarely! (That's me, sorry!!!)

                          I am still busy with my little baby - not so "little" anymore though, he's 8 months now and becoming a big strapping boy! My back is killing me from lugging him around and my bladder has been shocking of late. I was doing ok for a while but for over a week now I have had unbearable urethral and vaginal burning and itching. (Gee, it's great what we talk about on here, isn't it?? ) I almost went to the dr as I was really starting to think I had a UTI. It comes and goes though- just when I think, "hey, my bladder isn't TOO bad right at this very minuite.." BAM! it hits!! I upped my endep to 70mg this week and even had to take some panadeine just so I could sleep. Also tried some thrush treatments in case that was the culprit but to no avail. I'm over it!!!!!

                          Anyway, hope all of you newbies find the help you are looking for here and hugs to all.

                          Sara- 26 year old mum to Claudia (31.10.01- 4 going on 14!!) and baby Alexander (06.01.06). IC patient since horrible UTI 2003...

                          "Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends."


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                            Hi form Melb

                            Hi Peta,
                            As you can see I am from Melb. I am undiagnosed but thru this wonderful site I am on the right track as to who I should see to help my infuriating symptoms.I have had problems on and off my whole life. Since May I have had symptoms constantly and it is altering my lifestyle.
                            I hope you get as much out of this site as I have and all the very best.


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                              Living In Perth

                              HI im moving out to perth and need some advice on good urologists, or even liefe in general would be good, haha, hope everyone is having a good ,positive day today. Please let me know if anyone knows of any uros, or just good doctors that listen. I sopke to a young girl of 19 on here last. hope u are doing better, sorry i cant remember your name, please let me know how you are getting on if you got my post. Positive thinking to all, Im quite sure it goes around, LOve Helen.