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  • Support Group in Melbourne

    Women of Mercy Hospital in Melbourne has an active IC support group that was begun in 1994. Learn more about it at:

    Would you like to talk with someone about your IC struggles? The ICN now offers personal coaching sessions that include myself, Julie Beyer RD on the diet and Dr. Heather Howard on Sexuality.

    Looking for books, magazines & reports on IC? Please visit the ICN Shop at: Your ICN subscription & purchases in our shop support these message boards, chats and special events. BECOME AN ICN ANGEL TODAY!

    Please remember that the information on the ICN is provided with the understanding that ICN, its founder, staff, volunteers, and participants are not engaged in rendering medical or professional medical services. We cannot and do not give medical advice. Only your personal physician can do this for you.

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    I Am Looking For Support Group In Melbourne Australia As I Continually Seem To Be Getting Info From The States And Some Of Our Medications Are Diff And We Are Unable To Get Them In Australia.
    Can You Please Help


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      You will find a number of posts on the Aussie site regarding the support group meetings at the Mercy. They are usually on the first tuesdays of Sept, Dec, March and June.
      If you would like further information just let me know. Or, you could go back on some previous threads here on the Aussie forum.
      To find these threads, go to the 'Australia' forum and scroll down to the bottom left side where it says 'display options' and change 'from the' to 'one year' and all the previous threads will come up. You will see many more threads which may be of interest to you as well as the support group meetings.
      Where are you in Victoria? The meetings are held during the day which is a problem for those of us who work. However, we have let it be known that a few evening meeting here and there would be helpful. That reminds me that it is about time to suggest that idea again!
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        thank you for replying, yes it would be great for night meetings. i live in melbourne Victoria Aus. and am looking for a support network

        many thanks


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          welcome to the boards shesach!! i am from pascoe vale victoria. where are you from? the ic support meetings are held in heidelberg during the day. its so hard to get there when you work. i have suggested a night meeting to christine murray, they are working on it. PM me if you like.
          Formerly lorenab


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            lorennab pascoe vale victoria

            finally i have found someone in victoria australia. i live in east brighton melbourne victoria. It is great to speak to someone in Australia as everyone i speak to is in the States. How long have you had IC for and where are u at with your condition. I hope it is all going smoothly and under control.