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MSM - Where to get it in Australia?

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  • Smokey
    Hi Kev,

    If you can not find msm glucosamine in australia you might want to try Cystoprotek in the ICN Shop that has the active ingredients as well as other ones.

    When I was looking for it I couldnt find it anywhere. be sure that it doesnt contain any acids in it.

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  • Hollyd
    started a topic MSM - Where to get it in Australia?

    MSM - Where to get it in Australia?

    Hi everybody,

    (This is Kev, husband of holly, using her account while waiting for mine to be authorised, hope you don't mind my stepping in here)

    We're looking at trying MSM and and was wondering if anyone else in Australia had given it a try, and if so, where they'd bought it.

    I have searched around a little and found that {company name deleted by user} offers to deliver internationally : ... seems to be amongst the best standard of the product, and in some of the best forms.

    I tried a number of online pharmacies, but in almost all cases found that MSM with Glucosamine seems only to come in the form where the Glucosamine has chondroitin, which we want to avoid, at this point, anyway.

    Then I found a couple of sites in Australia. :
    This site states they sell pure organic sulphur. They are based in WA.


    This site also claims that the MSM is pure. They don't seem to say where they are, though.

    Just a bit concerned, as holly says, that we don't take delivery of a packet of corn starch!

    So if anyone has already got some from Aust and can recommend a supplier, we'd really appreciate it!



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