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anyone know a good physical therapist in Melb?

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  • anyone know a good physical therapist in Melb?

    Thanks to the laptop my sweet husband bought me yesteday I'm online again, on my side with a lot of pillows!

    The gyn I saw recommended Women's and Men's Health Physiotherapy in Malvern. Does anyone know of them? Feel free to private msg. me w/ any comments.

    Excuse my pain medication stupor but I'm confused about whether we need an actual referral from a GP for physio or if we just make an appt?

    Gawd! So much to know and figure out when you're in pain. The pain pills still don't do it all some days. waaaaaa

    I hope everyone is having a good day.

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    Holly, can't help you with regards to Malvern place, but you don't need a referral from a GP for a physio. You should be able to just make an appointment.

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      Thanks Kirsten:-)

      When I feel I can interface more w/ the medical community I'll call and ask questions! *sigh*


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        Hi Holly,
        No, you do not need to be refered to see a physio. I tend to use Myotherepy more now. I find it better for muscle pain..
        The Physio usually will charge you an initial consultation fee ( usually around $80) and then the fee is cheaper after that.
        Best of luck.
        I have been much better lately ,then the last 2 days have been most uncomfortable. Not quite sure what has set me off though.
        Happy Easter
        Jodi b


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          for Jodi

          Jodi, are you talking about myotherapy for pelvic floor muscles? If so, and you're happy w/ the one you're seeing, could you let me know who it is and where they are?

          Sorry you're having a flare:-(. Happy Easter to you too!



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            Hi Holly,
            No I have not been to see a Myo for pevlic floor problems. I would still ask though. I go to Elite Myo. I really do find this sort of treatment better then seeing a physio. Elite are in the Toorak villiage 98262006. See if you can speak to Sam. She is full of allsorts of interesting infomation and if she can't help you I am sure she could put you in the right direction.
            Jodi b:


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              Good news

              hi Holly, I went to the Physio this morning as my neck was out. Anyway discussed what you were after and he gave me the name of a physio that specialises in what you are after. Shan Morrison ( specialises in urinary problems, plevic floor etc etc
              1201 Malvern road Malvern 98224438.
              I will be very interested to see what you think. My physio said Sharn has an excellent reputation in this field.
              Good luck
              Jodi B


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                Cool, cool, cool! Thanks a million Jodi:-) That's the place the gyn recommended so that's great 'verification' and now I have a name to ask for there.

                I'm still working up the courage. But I know this is what I want to try and I'll be happy to let you know how it goes when I get started. I'm going to see an anesthetist that does pain management w/ acupuncture (recommended by the same gyn) on the 24th, Anita Clark (for the first time) on the 30th and then I'll explore this. Right now I'm enjoying a break from any medical intervention!

                Thanks again! If you ever need a good gyn I felt very good about this one I saw at the Mercy suites.



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                  Thsi is great

                  Hi Holly,
                  I am seeing Anita on the 3rd May. CAN NOT WAIT. May I ask the name of your Gyno. I may as well go full hog and see eeryone that may be able to help me. 1 thing I do know for sure is that I get really bad when I ovulate, then it tones down and then it gets worse before my period. At the moment I do not have normal days BUT I am under a great deal of stress with work. Really busy.
                  I will cetainly be looking into this pelvic thing too with the physio. It just makes sense really.
                  Jodi B


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                    Jodi, he's Raphael Kuhn
                    suite 4, 320 Victoria Pde
                    E. Melb
                    9416 4627

                    He has you fill in preliminary info from forms he's got on his website. I gave him a real concise picture which he thanked me for and he was able to tell straight away my problems don't come from uterine fibroids as the last uro was proprosing (guessing actually). The uro said get em out and then see me if you have any more problems. Raphael said what I strongly suspected and that I'd be made much worse by surgery and he's a surgeon. He was also strongly against a hysterectomy which a nut job GP and that uro were harrassing me about.

                    So he saved me from a very bad situation with his expertise and then offered me the acupuncture person rather than a palliative care sort of pain management person and when I said it feels a lot like pelvic floor stuff he believed me and gave me that physio. So I'm feeling very good about him. He was very friendly and personable as well.

                    So glad to be able to return the favour! I'd love to hear how you go. This cycle I had one of the worst pain days ever the day b4 my period started. The next day was pain free and now as it's waning I'm getting more pain, it seems to not like the changes from one phase to another. Poor thing, you've got it on ovulation too.

                    I am considering going back to some herbs I used to take for hormonal balance.


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                      Hi Holly,
                      Thanks so much for that. I will get onto that this week. I am going to the GP tomorrow and get all the referals etc.
                      Am good today. I will definitely be looking into the hormone side of things too.
                      Best regards
                      Jodi B


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                        finally getting back....

                        no worries Jodi, I hope you like him too and I'd love to know what you learn. I hope it goes really well for you.