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Acupunture Pain management dr.

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  • Acupunture Pain management dr.

    Just wanted to report that I saw a very nice pain specialist who works holistically w/ acupuncture. She's also an anesthetist. She was recommended by the gyn I saw as an alternative to the more palliative type pain management people. She spent about 2 hours I think getting a whole history of my health in general from MY point of view, not all the crap that doctors have gotten half right or all wrong or have paid no attention to as if I'm a bladder and a womb instead of a whole human being.

    I'll have my first treatment next week. The point is to try to address what is off in my body from an acupuncture perspective in the hopes of relieving pain and creating a bit more wellness. From the things I said she wants me to see an endocrinologist she knows which sounds excellent because we'll be able to see if there is anything hormonal/thyroid and all that stuff that is off and contributing to this. We both suspect at least some pre-hyperthyroid issues.

    I felt very good about her so far. The hard part is the travelling to the city. It kills me to sit for that long and I'm paying for it today. I'm hoping the treatment eases that pain somewhat. She's also writing in her report to my idiot GP that I still need to be on tramadol. She's recommended a new GP for me as I asked for one and I'll transition over to that person.

    If anyone wants to know her contact details let me know. You need a referral to see her.

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    Acupuncture and Chinese herbs did away with my pelvic pain altogether. I went in the first time last Fall in tears as the pain had not let up for 4 straight days. Since that day its been gone for good except for one day a few months ago which I brought on myself by over-exercising doing squats.
    Don't do them anymore and the pain is totally gone.


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      Izazen, that's fantastic to hear. Was your pain bad, bad enough to need opiods? I'm hoping I get good results too. Maybe it will just take longer.

      I really believe in Chinese medicine and acupuncture if you find the right person.


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        It was pretty bad to make me cry. I would say it was about 7 on a scale of 1-10. Be sure your doc is really certified in TCM. Good luck.


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          That's so encouraging! Thanks izazen:-) Glad you're so much better.


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            Hang in there

            Hi Holly, Sounds like you are not too good.
            I have to say I have been quite OK except coming up to ovulation and getting the usual burning starting today. I see Anita tomorrow.
            Anyway I hope the acupuncture is a success for you. I will be interested to see how you go.
            Wishing you the very best. Jodi B


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              NO pain all day yesterday!!!!:-))))

              Thanks Jodi and same to you!

              I had been set back by Anita's pelvic exam, grrrr because I had 8 hours pain free the day before and then had terrible pain after the pelvic exam (by the time I left the bldg) and the day after my appt. Hardly know how I got to acupuncture.

              When I told the pain doctor/acup. how I was a wreck, including a back spasm she decided not to even use needles on me and just did acupressure so I didn't get stirred up any further. Very smart. We both agreed not to start PT yet because I can't take any messing around to this body right now. That was Tuesday (here in oz) and Wed. I had no pain at all. I can't even remember when I was like that. Today is not bad at all, got a bit excited over no pain this morning and over did some housework which my pelvic floor didn't like so I'm back on the couch for the time being....but it's not that bad and I'm thrilled.

              It is probably my best time of the month but I haven't been pain free on my best days.

              I also started Desert Harvest aloe vera 6 days ago but it shouldn't really be contributing this fast. I know I can't get my hopes up too much but I definitely feel like I'm on the right track. it's soooooo good not to be in pain.
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                Holly, that is great news. How did you like Anita? Is she going to do any further testing on you?



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                  Hi Rosalie,

                  Anita was just as you said, friendly, easy to talk to and I liked her. She wants to do urodynamics but I really don't want to so won't be. I realize from her point of view this ties her hands but she did a pelvic exam on me and threw me back into terrible pain and even a back spasm! So when I told this to my pain man. dr. she and I agreed no more investigations for now. My body can't handle it. The last thing I want is to be made worse.

                  I'm going to send her a letter so she knows why I cancelled the test. I'm going to follow what's working for me now.

                  Thanks for asking:-)


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                    I have thought about acupucture, but my insurance does not cover it, so I really can't afford alot, and I called one dr. that was recommended by my uro and they wanted $1000.00 as a retainer to start, whoa, told my URO no go, still here in pain and losing hope. I am calling next week to get a copy of my records sent to a Pain Specialist that I have been emailing, he did an article in our local paper, and he does not know IC, but is very interested in learning about it and maybe trying to help me, I was just wanting to go a more natural/less med route, but I am stuck. good luck


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                      Hi littlemyrn,

                      Wondering if you could call the acupuncture society in your area and see if they know of anyone who is an MD also. Maybe your insurance would cover that. Mine is actually an MD and considered a pain specialist so it can be billed that way.

                      If not that, maybe some MD who works holistically can be found through either holistic type organizations or medical organizations.


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                        Aloe Vera Capsules?

                        Hi Everyone,
                        Would love some imformation on Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Capsules. I have been reading about it, has anyone used it? Is it worth a try? There seem to be so many things available, it's hard to decide what to try. If it is a good product, is there anything like it in Australia? I would appreciate any info.


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                          Hi Elvee,

                          I've been taking it for a little over a week now. I've been having improvement in my pain symptoms beginning a little before I started it and I am continuing to have improvement. I think it may be early to attribute it to the aloe vera though some people they say feel improvement within a week. They say it takes 3 months to know for certain if it will help you. I'm not having any bad reactions from it.

                          You can check out their website to read more about it.

                          I looked a bit here in Oz but couldn't find a product that had the freeze dried aloe vera and the Desert Harvest product has the ingredients removed that cause it to be a laxative. You have to make sure you're not taking a laxative sort of aloe vera.

                          Desert Harvest was the company that had a study done on their product that was double blind for use in IC with good results. It was a very small study but encouraging. I felt if I was going to try it I wanted to try the very product that was made for it and was used in the study to feel I was giving aloe vera a real try.

                          There is a lot to read on their website if you go there.

                          Hope this helps. I'm taking it because others on the board had good results w/ it and because at least it won't hurt me w/ toxic side effects like some of the drugs.


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                            Aloe Vera Capsules?

                            Hello Holly,
                            Thanks so much for your quick reply. I think I want to try the Aloe Vera Capsules, sounds really good to me. Why can't we get these products here in Australia? I use PRELIEF which I think are good but would love to be able to get them here. Everything that we need to buy from the USA ends up so much more expensive when you have to pay for shipping and exchange rate ect. Anyway no use moaning I guess. I'll get onto that website and I thank you again.


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                              Support Group NUmber IN Melbourne

                              HI could anyone email me the support group number in Melbourne, I really need to talk to someone there. Id like to start a support group here in Perth. Please someone reply, the urologist would not give it out to me.
                              [email protected]. Im really desperate , Helen.