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Dr in Sydney? Any recommendations?

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  • Dr in Sydney? Any recommendations?

    Hi there, I am struggling with finding a good IC doctor here in Sydney. I am currently seeing a specialist at Westmead, but he is very hard to get an appointment with and not the greatest with his bedside manner. I only found out I have IC when I was last at my GP and there was a letter from my specialist saying that he thought I had IC. I underwent the necessary cystoscopy and hydrodillation over 3 weeks ago, since then my symptoms have gone to an all time high and I cannot get any relief from the constant urge to go. Nothing is working, I'm talking maximum meds and pain killers and I have been on the IC diet since March. I am thoroughly frustrated, fed up and constantly on the verge of tears. Can't sleep and trying to hold down a full time job and look after a family that is rapidly losing patience with me. It all started when I was living in the UK five years ago, originally I was told I had a blockage in my bladder, but since then, things have rapidly gone from bad to worse.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Sue

    My name is Danielle and I live in Sutherland. I am not actually seeing any doctors at the moment for my IC as I'm taking the natural path, but when I was seeing a doctor I went to this specialist/urologist in Miranda (probably too far for you). He was referred to me by my GP who looked into it for me. He specialises in IC and knows quite a bit about it although I didn't really find any answers from him as I didn't want botox and installations. He also put me on Elmiron for around a year and a half which didn't work. Have you tried this medication yet?

    This disease is very hard, but you do get use to it. You just need to keep on searching for answers. It would be very hard having a family to look after, a full time job and having to deal with this horrible disease. I feel for you.

    Western Medicine does not always have the answers you need so don't stress too much if your medications are not working.

    You can email me at: [email protected] if you want to chat more.



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      Hi Sue, Sorry that you are going through such a tough time at the moment. Danielle is right, you will eventually be able to find the right dr to help you. It is just a fact with this illness, that you have to hunt around before finding the right one. However, this site is fantastic for support and ideas.

      Being in Melbourne I can't help you with any Drs up there but keep trying to find someone. There is an Australian IC Assoc but I have never dealt with them. I just googled it and came up with this site. On the home page it has as link "find a urologist"
      I hope this is of some help to you.


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        Hi Sue,

        First of all welcome to the boards you have come to the right place for info & support. so sorry you are having a bad time at the moment. I am from Melbourne so I can not recommend any doctors for you. what are you taking at the moment? there are so many different types of meds you can try.
        Formerly lorenab