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  • and I wrote to Prelief

    I would be interested in comments from any of you on the reply Prelief sent to me. It seems the issue continues to go around in circles. Anyway.............Merry Christmas one and all.
    Brenda M.

    Their reply:
    Prelief is not a drug; Prelief is a dietary supplement that takes the acid out of food. Health Canada feels that the name Prelief implies a drug and we do not want to change the name.

    Meanwhile many Canadians order directly from us; there is no opposition to the product in Canada (as far as we know), but there is no approval at this time to sell under the name Prelief.

    Betty Corson
    [email protected]

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    Hi Brenda,

    I was told that Prelief is not approved in Canada since there is an over the counter PMS medication called Preleve or somthing like that and it would cause confusion between the products. Therefore Health Canada asked the firm to change it's name for Canadian Marketing purposes and the company refused the request.

    Hope this sheds some light on to the matter...

    Happy Tuesday and Have a Happy New Year
    Kim P