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    My gp is looking into sending me to an ic clinic in BC. Have you heard anything of one in Vancouver? As well, she is putting me on the wait list at St. Paul's hospital for the pain clinic. Have you ever gone there? I'm becoming desperate and have to learn to deal with this pain as I can't find a medication that will work for me. I am in another flare up due to the fact that I had a cold and had to use my inhaler. I had read that inhalers shouldn't be used if you have ic. But I have to use way of winning that one.
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    Hi Alana,

    The pain clinic I went to was at UBC, I haven't been to the one at St. Paul's. I hope they have some answers for you, good luck!

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      I went to the pain clinic with Dr. **** approx. 5 years ago. I hate to say that I didn't get any help there. It seems that many pain clinics mandate is to try to get you to live on the least amount of pain meds possible. So many pain clinic patients feel they are always on the edge of having severe pain and so scared that they will not have enough meds or strong enough meds to help them.
      I have been very blessed to have an excellent family physician who has additional training in anesthesia so he has been able to help me with my pain meds and he is so great that I have been able to continue working 3 days per week.

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