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Fibro and IC

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  • Fibro and IC

    I have both, does anyone else out there? What helps? My body is aching in this winter cold..........The massage therapist is so expensive ($65.00 and hour) and the seesion often makes me so sore afterwards. I am going to my GP to get a referral for the hospital physiotherapist, but am told the wait is 3 -4 weeks..............Brenda

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    Hi Brenda,

    I do have Fibro and IC. (I'm not in Canada)

    Some medications work well, and just today my doctor gave me some pointers on how to deal with the fibro.

    Gentle yoga can help you to relax and gently stretch your muscles. I'm looking into that, she said low impact exercises can help. Also, listen to your body. When you begin to get tired doing an activity, do stop or else you could trigger a flare up.

    She also recommended accupuncture. Also, just like IC, stress can trigger a flare up. I take Elavil to regulate my sleep patterns. Sleep patterns are key also, because if you don't get enough sleep at night or sleep too much during the day you just keep going into a cycle.

    If you'd like to chat PM me.

    Gentle hugs,
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!