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Ureaplasma treatment in Canada?

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  • Ureaplasma treatment in Canada?

    I am at my wit's end with this ureaplasma urealyticum infection. I will make a long story short.

    25 y/o female. Symptoms of frequency (upto 10 times/hr), urgency, nocturia (every 1-2 hrs), icontinence and debilitating fatigue. Infection went undiagnosed for 19 months. Tired Ofloxacin with no relief. Now on doxycycline + azithromycin for 1 week so far with no relief (Rx is for one month).

    My GP doesn't believe that my symptoms are caused by ureaplasma nevermind the fact that it was cultured in August.

    Anyone know of a doc in Canada who 1. believes in ureplasma infection 2. knows how to treat it.

    Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hi plainjane,
    I know your post has been a while, but I hope you can see this and help me out.
    I have the same problems and I live in Canada. Could you let me know where you got the test?
    Very much appreciated! This thing is ruining my life.