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Does any of you have an idea if there is an association for IC in Canada?

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  • Does any of you have an idea if there is an association for IC in Canada?

    I'm from Quebec and i find that there is not much awareness for bladder pain around here.I saw 2 urologist who dosen't even care to help.

    I can imagine that a lot of people suffer

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    Hi Tip and IBS..........Glad to see another "Canuck" is on this list. I have always wondered if there were many Canadians here? Sorry I cannot help you with a support group in Quebec as I live on the other side of Canada.....Located in British Columbia. I am finding that Canadians are not very informed about IC, doctors or people but that is strange that the two Uro's you saw didn't want to do further investigations on you. Who was the Uro that diagnosed you with come that doctor won't help you or have you moved recently and are trying to find a new doctor?


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      I haven't been formally diagnose with IC du to these 2 dumb urologist.
      I say DUMB for something,they were very agressive in their behaviour to get rid of me.


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        Hi there;

        Well the only information that is off of the IC-Network is of this person in Quebec..
        This is phone support only
        Montreal - Lise Laroque 514-524-7750 (French and English speaking)
        Maybe Lise can help you in finding a urologist in your area.

        I know I had that problem in Ontario until I found the fourth urologist and he is a keeper for sure ..

        I wish you all the best on your search between you are not alone it this at all..

        I was just in Montreal last Thursday for a week , my son attends McGill and I also down visiting with my hubby family that all live in around Montreal area ..

        Hugs, Debbie
        Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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          Thank you very much.

          Mcgill U. is known worldwide as well as their affiliate hospitals.


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            The number you gave me is correct however this woman is not involved anymore.She gave me this website for the Quebec association:

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            Thanks again


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              I am sorry about that I will let Jill know that so she can remove it off the web site..

              Yes he likes McGill U a lot and he will be graduating this year and he got a full time job starting in June in London England , I will miss him lots as he is my youngest ...

              Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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                I haven't found an urologist for pelvic pain yet.
                I'm interested in trying rescue instill.

                Anyway,good luck for you son.