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  • Go sens go!

    I'm rooting for the senators but i must admit that anaheim has been playing well. Is Anaheim the former Qu├ębec Nordiques? For some reason i think it is. I like watching hockey though i don't watch it often.

    Last month I listened to the Sudbury Wolves and the Plymouth Whalers on the radio- OHL finals. What i don't understand is why Plymouth can play in the OHL- Ontario Hockey League. I think there is another US team too. I wondered if it had anything to do with lack of teams in the US at this level. Apparently there are a couple of US teams comepting in this equivalent league on the west coast too. Over 10 years back my dad told me the percentage of canadians playing in the NHL was higher than US and European players, despite more U.S. teams but i haven't any idea if this is still the case, and i don't know what percentage of girls in Canada are playing hockey as compared to other countries.

    As a teenager i often went to watch my cousin in the Junior A and my parents had season tickets for us for one year for the Colonial Hockey league team play too- they were in Chatham but then the team went to Flint after just a year.

    I tried to play girls hockey my 1st year of university- for the residence i lived in (not the university). I didn't think i had what it took but some other girls thought i was a potential. I only went to one game because i just couldn't skate. Oh well, i wasn't oblivious, i told them i couldn't skate when they asked me. Little me under 5 feet under 100lbs and without much coordination and stamina am not good for this sort of thing.
    Oh well, i had a great time. I did better at ball hockey in residence- running shoes on ice, outside in -20C or colder. The falls caused some nasty bruises, and i froze but it was fun anyway.

    Hope you are all well


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    Go senators Go!!!

    I am not one for watching hockey but some how when the plays off are on I tend to watch it a bit !!!
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!