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    Hi everyone,

    I was just diagnosed with IC and I'm unhappy with my doctor. After my cysto/hydro, he just gave me a prescription for Elmiron and told me to come back in three months. I would have really liked more information from him, like what he saw in my bladder (ulcers?), what treatment options he's willing to try, etc. He's a terrible communicator and I feel like he shuffles his patients in and out like cattle. I really need a doctor who I can have a conversation with. Does anyone have any suggestions? What doctors are you seeing and have you had any success with them? Please feel free to pm me. I would really appreciate your help. I feel so alone and helpless.

    constant feeling of having to pee but not really having to
    mild burning in tailbone area
    occasional clitoral pain

    Occasional UTIs over the years
    back surgery for herniated disc '99
    diagnosed with "trigonitis" 2005--symptoms resolved within a month
    Current symptom onset November, 2008

    Other conditions
    Severe anxiety/depression

    Current Treatments
    IC Diet

    What Helps
    Warm bath/shower
    Massage from BF
    Lying on my back on the floor
    Thinking that buying a dog would definitely help!

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    did you ever receive an answer?

    just curious. also out here on my own. In between jobs for a while so stress doesn't help and also no drug plan and no meds except occasional pain meds. Surprising here's not a local Toronto IC support group! been to 4 Urologists, so I feel your pain - at least back when you wrote the post/
    Hope you're doing better now!


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      Hi to the both of you !
      Welcome to the Canada IC chat board..

      I am not in Toronto area but live about a hour and half away ,but my doctor is at Toronto Western Hospital ..

      I went to a IC clinic in Kingston General Hospital for most of my treatments and pelvic floor muscle treatments ..
      My main problem was that I had very bad pelvic floor dysfunction and I stop peeing on my own , the only and very last resort I did the InterStim Implant that was in 1999, and I am doing great with this and peeing on my own now , so the doctor I see at Toronto Western is the only one that does this procedure , we have five doctor that do this procedure in all of Canada ...
      So I was very lucky to find him to help me out ..

      So my Ic is very good since then , but I mainly think it all had to do with my pelvic floor dysfunction in the long run now ...

      I hope someone that knows of doctors in Toronto can help you !

      All the best to the both of you , half the battle in IC is finding that right doctor to help you ...

      Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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        I live in Windsor but see a uro at Sunnybrook in TO. I had a diversion last year but still have pelvic issues.
        Who do you see and where?



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          I private message you my doctor name !

          If any questions , just ask away !

          Cheers, Debbie
          Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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            I am in Toronto too and would appreciate knowing what doctor I should try to get into see. I saw a physiopath today about pelvic floor dysfunction. Think that will help a lot.


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              Were you able to get pelvic floor treatment under OHIP or did you need to pay for it yourself? Thanks, Noli