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    I have an appointment with Dr. Teichman this week. I have read up on him and know mostly what to expect. However I am wondering if he will do a cyto. under anaesthetic? I am desperate to have this thing diagnosed or ruled out but not if I have to be forced to have an "in office" procedure.From all I have been reading here it seems that there is agreement that this can be brutal.
    As well I have a referal in to Dr. Leone. I have read that he is compassionate as well as knowledgeable. Has anyone seen him for I.C.?
    Thanks for any information.

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    I am hoping someone see your questions about these doctors !
    I am sorry as I live in Ontario..

    As for cyto. under anesthetic , I have had all my done this way ..

    I hope things go good for you !!

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Hey -

      I am 23 years old and live in Vancouver. I have been a patient of Dr. Teichman since April 2008 when I was diagnosed with IC. I had an in-office cystoscopy (without anesthesia) during my second visit. During my first visit we just had a conversation and he did a physical examination.

      Did you have your appointment already?

      Just this week I had my first cystoscopy with hydrodistension (with general anesthesia). It wasn't too bad. I didn't have too much pain after the surgery. I am flaring a bit, but apparently that is normal. After a week or two most patients experience some symptom relief from as a result of the procedure.

      Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.


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        I did have my appt. Had a Rescue instil. Did not get any relief but I get the impression that it often takes a while to get just the right combo. I will be having the cystoscopy (with hydrodistention I am presuming) on the 3rd. We will see. I have terrible pain that has been on going for a year, that is not related to I.C. I am sure. It is mind numbing and devastating some times.
        However if I can clarify what is going on with my bladder then that will be a huge load off my mind and body. Just knowing there is at least one thing wrong will give me a little more faith in myself. I really appreciate your writing back.


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          I have had two sets of rescue instils. The first time for a period of 3 weeks (three times a week) and the second time for a period of about 2 months (initially twice a week and later only once a week). I definitely experience some relief in frequency and urgency. Unfortunately, in my case, the symptom relief didn't last longer than one week after my last set, which is why Dr. Teichman decided that I should try cystoscopy with hydrodistension as a treatment option (last week).

          Personally, keeping a strict IC diet (no acids, spices, coffee, tea etc) has been the most helpful in reducing my IC symptoms. Maybe that would help you too?

          I hope Dr. Teichman is able to help you, and that you feel better soon.


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            Drs. in Vancouver

            Could you tell me when you found out the results of your cysto. with hydro. Were you called back into Dr. Teichman's office a week or so later or? I have other diagnostics going on for other possible conditions and would like to find out one way or the other as soon as I can. My procedure is scheduled for Oct.1st.
            Thanks for any info. you can give me. You have been very helpful so far.
            We are coming from both ends of the age spectrum, you are 23 and I am 60. Still a "child of the 60's though" and have the love beads to prove it!


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              Hi again,

              I haven't seen Dr. Teichman yet regarding results of the Cysto Hydro. He told me to schedule an appointment two months after the surgery - which will be in mid October. In my case, it's pretty clear that the Cysto Hydro has helped a lot. My urgency and frequency has been reduced quite significantly. Before the surgery I had to use the washroom at least every hour. Now I can often wait two hours. It makes a huge difference. The question is whether the effect of the surgery will last long-term, which is why I think Dr. Teichman wants to follow-up with patients after 2 months. (The first week after the surgery I was flaring badly, but apparently this is normal).

              Hope that helps a little.


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                doctors in Vancouver

                What concerns me is that I have no idea if I have IC. I want to know what he sees in there, lesions, ulcers or nothing related to I.C. It sounds like he was using the Cysto. Hydro. as a treatment procedure. Is that right?
                Thanks for your quick response.


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                  Yes, my most recent Cysto Hydro was done as a treatment procedure. I did have a Cysto (in office) last year, which was used as a diagnostic tool. In my case, it was this Cysto that confirmed my IC. Dr. Teichman told me I had IC right after the procedure.


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                    Drs. in Vancouver

                    Excellent! Thanks very much!


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                      Dr Teichman

                      I have been seeing Dr Teichman for about 6 years and he is great. I also see him for a Kidney problem and he later diagnosed me with IC. He put me on
                      Elmiron and anti histamines and it works great for me. He is really up to date on things and he even held a conference for IC patients a year ago. He is easy to talk to and will know whats best for you. You can usually get into see him quite quickly if you tell them it is important.


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                        I saw this Dr. a year ago, he asked me dozens of ? and the examined me and said he was sure I had IC, he then booked me for a hydro/cysto which I returned to have done, but I was not able to ask him any ?, so I wrote them all down and sent them to him. The next time i saw him I asked him if he got my ? he said yes but still did not answer any of them. When I went in for the hydro/ cysto he was a little annoyed with me because I didn't have the questionaires filled out that his nurse was supposed to have given me at my previous viste. I know they did not give me these papers I am really well organized about this type of stuff.

                        He did the cysto/hydro with on anastetic, when he was done he said no you don't have IC you have a severly neurogenic bladder, you need to see a different uro than me. That was it end of story no asking him anything etc.

                        I went to the uro who he sent me to she thought that I maybe did have IC but was not too sure about the neurogenic bladder, she did a urodynamics test and said that she agreed I do have a severly neurogenic bladder, but not IC as my bladder capasity is too high, and peopel with IC have sore skin that can't be touched to be cathed. (for me this is true on any given day but not that day for some reason) she was not too sure what to do for it but she would try botox for it. She was sure I would need to be cathed for at least a month afterwards, and she had not actually done this for someone with my problem, so I left there quickly and was back on the hunt for a new uro.

                        I now have a new uro who I really like he did a hydro/ cysto/ DMSO, he said I for sure have IC and he was not too sure why my previous 3 uros had not been able to see it. He feels the retention is probably from the pain of IC, and that I have both problems and the other uros should have been able to figure out you can have more than one problem at a time.

                        Don't get me wrong I liked this first uro, he is well thought of and has good credentials, but he did miss diagnose me, and then dismissed me, yes you can get into see him fast I got in with in a month. The uro I really like the wait list was a year, but now I am one of his patiants and he does phone appoiments and tries to get you hospital time qquickly when needed. He told me call anytime for any concern. He said if I am in increased pain for more than 3 days to call him right away, he feels it is easier to treat sooner rather than later.

                        Good luck with your appointments with him
                        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                          Hi There,

                          FYI- I had two (2) hydrodistentions and I am in semi remission. My Uro left the business and went to work in the hospital... so I have a new one in T.O. his name in Jeff Charendoff. I'll be meeting with him for the first time in november. I just want a cysto to see what's happening with my bladder. So far my bladder just makes me pee in very small volumes... that's nothing. I learned the key to controlling IC is to control stress level... Which is tough work in the beginning but I have the skill down pat...

                          Happy Friday