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  • Interstim

    I am from Ontario and have an interstim. It was implanted in 2000. The battery has died and became EOS in January. I am curious is any one else out there worried about the cost of battery replacement and how ridiculous this is that there is no money to replace them.

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    Hi Snuph:

    I had my battery replacement done in 2007 , and yes I worry about the next time to have it done, costing $7000.00 out of our own pocket , it a great worry to me big time ..
    All we can hope is that will have a new party voted back in ,not the one now in as they cut the funding ..

    These InterStim Implant don't only affect us , also people living with Parkington disease and back pain , there are lots of people with this problem. ..

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      It is almost harder to have had the interstim knows that it works and then have to live without it due to cost. In the last month my bladder is back to the beginning.


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        I have had 2 interstims die on me within 2 years, now my uro wants to put in new leads and generator i highly doubt my ins is going to pay for another one again this year. I asked my doc why they dont last longer he tells me he does not know and to contact medtroinc, I know i certainly dont want to go through this every year its very expensive, hes telling me putting in the new one and changing the leads will help but still on the fence about what to do any suggestions would be helpful. Im also tired of being cut open all the time.


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          I you from Canada. What insurance company are you dealing with to get them to pay for it?


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            No i am from the states and i have an HMO ins. that im dealing with.