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My pharmacist will MAKE me some Pyridium!!

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  • My pharmacist will MAKE me some Pyridium!!

    I've been freaking out since I discoverd that Pyridium/Phenazo is no longer available here in Canada (it's the only thing that seems to touch my spasms and pain). Anyway, there is a compounding pharmacy here in my town, and the pharmacist is going to MAKE some for me and for others! It'll evidently be a little more expensive than the other stuff, because it has to be "made" by him, but I am more than a little relieved! This may be an option for those of you who are missing Pyridium .... just make sure it's a compounding pharmacy, and see if the pharmacist will do it up for you.


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    That's good nows for you!!


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      That is fantastic!
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        if you can get hold of azo it is the same thing. but that's wonderful that he is willing to do that for you
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          Thats great. They told me it was going to be stopped by the manufacture, however a new company picked it up and it is back on the market in the US.
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