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  • Please Help !!!!

    I live in ChicAGO IL and need to get my hands on uracyst. I was about to start a clincal trial here for it but my IC is too severe for the Pharm company to admit me. This is after two visits and driving over an hour each way. I live 6 hours or so from Windsor and I would like to know what I'd have to do to get uracyst. I plan on coming there for a few days if need be and stay in a hotel. My sweet boyfriend offered to drive me. I don't have insurance so I'd have to pay full price for it. Any idea what it would cost me? Any help would be amazing!!!!! Tanks ICers

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    Uracyct is expensive! The cost of Uracyst® is C$233.60 plus GST for a box of
    four 20 mL vials. A years cost is could range between C$937 and C$1,062
    (mild to moderate) to C$1,437 (severe) per IC patient. Although I was allowed to do my installations (by catheter) most doctors will want to do themselves so that they can monitor you. In my case, I did instillations every week for a about six weeks and then once month. As an American, you would also have to pay for the doctors visits. I do not think you would get a doctor that would just give you a prescription without monitoring. But maybe someone else knows of a doctor that will.

    My experience was that I spent over $900 on it with no results.


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      Thanks for the reply. I called Stellar Pharm and they told me that any pharmacy in Canada can order it for me and I don;t need a prescription. I have the caths and other stuff. it's not a drug but a medical device so that's why i don't need a script. Thanks for your help.