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    Hi there fellow Canadians. Can't sleep, had a bad night of urinating every hour or so and bad urethral pain. I saw a Urologist in Halifax a few weeks ago and have an appt. with my family doctor tomorrow to discuss the results. The Uro is not convinced I have IC, but recommended I try looking into the diet anyway, so I'm a bit confused. i have been 90% on the diet for two weeks now, and not noticing any lessening of my usual pattern. About a week of good days and then a flare with no discernible cause. I hope he is right and I don't have it, but then what is causing my symptoms?


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    Hi Nancy,
    I am down in the Valley near Bridgetown-
    I hope you can find out what is going on..I had several infections before my Dr suggested it might be IC..waited for months to get into see Urologist-
    then weeks to get in for the cysto- hydro and that was when I was dignosed.
    You know how hard it is to see specialist in NS..
    the waiting can be so long..
    take care
    and hope you find answers soon.
    God brought me to it, He will bring me through it!!!

    Diagnosed 2003
    by cysto/hydro
    Elmiron took almost a year- made me sick, caused diarrhea
    Pyridium -Made me sick
    Detrol and Ditropan, Toviaz and Mrrbetriq- caused constipation and head ache.
    Tried DMSO instill- had 5 out of 6
    Started Oxytrol Patch-stopped using them after 3 months-- skin was getting irritated
    Cysto/hydro April 6th 2011-- on expansion only hold one cup
    IBS/ IC
    High blood pressure meds and Crestor
    Metformin (prediabetic)
    Sinequan (depression)


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      Thanks for replying. I went to my Dr. yesterday and I had a definite UTI when I did the urine stick test. So, I have some heavy duty antibiotics and I took two days off work to rest and let the meds do their work.

      He also explained why the Urologist was being non-commital. He wants to see how I do with the diet before my follow-up three months from now, as well as not drinking after supper, to see if that changes anything, so that he will be led to either IC or Overactive Bladder, according to the results. It's that differential diagnosis thing, like how the residents and Pathologists at my workplace do. I know I didn't explain it very well.

      I hope I never feel pain like that again. I am already feeling a lot better but exhausted. I am glad I took the second day off work.