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  • ICNDonna
    I changed the title to your suggested one.


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  • playethic
    started a topic Pain training

    Pain training

    That headline / thread title should read, 'Vets get 5 x more pain training than people doctors, 3 x more training than nurses' [not permitted to edit thread titles, or I would...]


    I would like me and others who are interested, in Canada, to begin organizing some advocacy actions around IC. Issues I'd like to get involved in lobbying about:

    - Veterinarians get 5 times more training in pain than people doctors and 3 times more training than nurses.
    (Watt-Watson, McGillion et al. 2008)
    I think lobbying is necessary to change this in medical schools.

    - Is your laparoscopy or bladder fulguration appointment 3, 4, 5 months in the future, while you're in so much pain you can't work, can't function, and the medical system tells you to take morphine and wait your turn? I think that's wrong. And I think it's illogical - it must cost the medical system much more money in the long run. Have you been puzzled by the stories in media with provincial governments congruatulating themselves on drastically-reduced wait times? Here's what's between the lines ... In BC since 2001, the number of patients being forced to wait for surgery has increased 40%. In December 2010, there were 74,981 patients waiting for surgery in BC. Even worse, the time that each of these patients waits for surgery has increased by 50% since 2001. (source: BC Anasthesiologist's Society

    - Medications like Elmiron aren't covered (at $1000/year), and (in BC) don't count toward deductibles even if you are on the lowest-income Pharmacare level.

    - 'Medical devices' like Ultracyst, which is administered in a hospital, have to be paid for by patients (at $1200 / 13 months).

    I believe these can be changed.


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