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good homopathic doctors in Toronto?

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  • good homopathic doctors in Toronto?

    Does anyone who is treating their IC know any good homopathic/naturopathic doctors ( or any anyone who is practicing alternative medicine) in Toronto? If you do, please give me contact information and let me know of your experience there... How effective was your treatment?

    I am also looking for a good urologist in Toronto.. I have been to two. The first one did not seem very competant at all. The second one told me that I "might" have mild IC and was not totally sure. He told me the side effects of the pills he could give me would outweight the benefits.....and just did not want to deal with me I guess.

    My symptoms are probably not too bad...The burning is what is bugging me the most plus the pelvic pressure that i feel sometimes....I have noticed the last drops when I pee are white, not sure why...but i had the same white drops when I had an actual UTI..Do u have them too???.The other problem is the emotional one that I experience. I am only 23 yrs old and worried about my sex life in the future and I want to have children one day, I just hope that I will get better and my symptoms will get better and be able to have a normal life. The emotional stress that I am experiecing is the worst but it is better now because it has been one year since I had the first symptoms....

    Anyways, any advice anyone??? Thanks in advance

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    same here

    I have the white drops too. I also would like to know if there are any good homeopaths for IC in Toronto.. or at least.. Ontario.
    I am just about ready to give up on this. I find stuff that works and then it stops working. It's killing my marriage and my life. Help


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      I can't help with a physician name, but wonder if you are following an IC diet --- that single step can help more than anything else.

      I hope you get help soon.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Hi There
        Sorry I can't help with the name of a doctor in Toronto but I understand about wanting something natural.
        I have been taking elmiron for 8 months now and I hate it!
        My stomach is always upset so I worry about what's it doing to my system but for many others it's perfect, they find relief with few or no side effects so it's well worth a try if your doctor suggests it.
        I drink 1 - 2 cups of Marshmellow Root tea daily I find it very soothing for my bladder and helps with the painful burning(especially when I can curl up with a heating pad)
        As well I take Cysta-Q. (My pharmacy here in Ontario orders it for me)
        Donna is right about the diet, a lot of people here get great relief once they figure out food triggers. (can't get more natural than that)
        For me flares are definately stress, hormone and tight clothing related so if you are able to control your triggers it will naturally help too.
        I am still trying to figure this out too and would love to opt for the most natural approach possible.
        Good luck I wish you the best to find relief soon.


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          my story in short

          Hi Ladies,
          I am from Brampton, ON
          it's been long time since I checked canadian link. I've been suffering from IC for 4 years now, and before that for about 2 years, and at that time I was completly unaware about IC Diet - which is so important! My uro gave me only Piridium for pain, no other treatment.
          To my surprise, after a long time my symptoms went completely away!
          no Ic diet, coffe , Tea, acid foods, you name it, It just went away by itself.
          I was overjoed, and thought that's the end of the story. Not so, came back with a vengenance, but now I am that much more educated (no thanks to my uro!), I try to stick to the diet, coffe, tea, alcochol, acidic foods are OFF THE LIST.
          Right now (7 months) I am on Elmiron 2x day - no side effects
          I also take D-Mannose sugar to prevent bladder infections, and Quercetin with AloeVera (that seems to help).
          Urtica Orte Tea, decaf Mint Tea, Marshmellow root tea.
          Although I am not pain free, it is far cry from how it felt when it started again.
          Unfortunately I have not found a dedecated uro. I see my uro for luck of other options.
          Most of my improvement, I belive is thanks to my research and self help.
          If you know na naturopath who knows how to treat this condition, please let me know. I would try anything to be able to lead a normal life - what's normal??

          If you would like to ask me questions, please email me, I check my email daily.
          Would love to talk.

          [email protected]


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            Re: same here

            There is a college for homeopathic in the North York area. Near the North York Hospital. They see patients for half the cost, and the professors are with them when they treat you. Worth a try if you have not found anything else?? But I see this is an old post so maybe you have.