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  • Specialist???

    Hi everyone,

    I have gone through the pain and agony of IC for about 4 years now. Have tried pretty much every drug you can imagine - I am know on a cocktail of lyrica, cymbalta, tramadol as well as clonazapam and hydromorphone (if needed). The urologists I have seen have been useless - I am on a wating list to see a uro in Sherbrooke who specialises in interstim but would like to try other things first. Although, I did try RISMO instills - which did not work - but no other instills were tried. In the scientific litterature they are boasting about heparin-lidocane instills that seem to have provided much relief to a diversity of research participants. Has anyone heard of these treatments in QC or Canada?? Thanks for the help.

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    i have just recently been diagnosed and am taking elmiron. right now i am not too bad but that can change any day. do not know much about the treatments you talk about as the urologist i have seen has not been very helpful. i did see the name of a urologist in sherbrooke when i looked on internet. i would be interested in knowing if this person is good.


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      Can we write in french guys? I am seeing an urologist from Rockland MD in Montreal and he is good. Please tell me the name of the Sherbrooke doctor so I can try to see if I could have an appointement. Thanks!
      Diagnosed on March 2013
      IC, DIV, IBS

      Taking on regular basis:

      -Elavil 12.5 mg
      -Micronor (Progesterone)

      Taking during flares:

      -Azo 190 mg as needed
      -Love from my family and cat


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        Re: Specialist???

        La diète sans oxalates ou la diète "IC" qui est disponible sur ce site aide beaucoup. Est-ce qu'au Québec on offre la physiothérapie pour le plancher pelvique comme traitement ou est-ce que c'est juste les médicaments? Moi, avec la diète, de la physio et en buvant beaucoup d'eau, je vais bien. Je prends un anti-convulsant (clonazepam) mais je sais que certaines personnes souffrent plus et on besoin de médicaments. Elmiron est supposée être le traitement de choix, c'est le seul qui est approuvé par la FDA. Trop de médicaments des fois, surtout leurs effets secondaires, cré de la constipation et souvent; ça déclenche la douleur à la vessie ou à la prostate. Ces organes là sont collés, c'est pour cette raison que la physio pour relaxer (étirer) les cuisses, les hanches, le bas ventre, le dos afin de libérer et rendre plus flexible le plancher pelvique aide parfois.


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          Re: Specialist???

          Hey guys! I'm also at Rockland MD like all the time. Not good for the bank account. I'm seeing Dr. Campeau at the Jewish. Just saw her for the first time last week. I'm in such a bad place with my IC right now. I'm going to start with a pelvic floor specialist at the MMA downtown, but before I went to one in the West Island at Accessed, who was great, but I got sick of being stuck in traffic everytime I'd go so I'm switching. I'm currently off meds but going back on cause I'm in such a state. I went to a great nutritionist awhile ago at Harmony Health Centre in Westmount. Her name was Ilana. Who's this doctor in Sherbrooke and whats his specialty?


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            Re: Specialist???

            There's not much people from Qc on this site. I was not diagnosed with IC but I had a lot of symptoms. PT is great but can cause a few flare up. I am now doing the L.O.D (low oxalates diet) and I use the food list that is on the Yahoo Group (Trying the low oxalates diet). It is a slow process but with pt and relaxation it begins to help. Do doctors put you on a specific diet in Qc?


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              Re: Specialist???

              It looks like you never tried something absolutely available in Canada: Uracyst instills. They are for some people miracle thing, and before anything else, they should be tried. Can you find out about this option? But it will take a while before it works, not to wait something to happen before 2-3 months (to do it every 1-2 weeks first).