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Hi to all at the ICN

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  • Hi to all at the ICN

    Hi everyone,
    Well I finally found my lost password to re enter the board. Could not retrieve it from my email as that email company gone Kerputttt!!!!

    How is everyone keeping it would be great to hear from those that remember me (Cyster (Lesley) UK)

    I sure do miss the chats we all used to have but I really do need my beauty sleep these days (old age creeping up fast...LOL) so being around at 2am is not always possible anymore.

    Anyways I thought I would drop in & say Hi to you all.

    Love & happiness
    Lesley (Cyster)
    Bladder Pain
    Syndrome Association

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    Welcome back. I thought of you often and wondered where you had disappeared too.

    Gosh, you were one og the origianl ICers to find the ICN. So its been a good 6 1/2 years.

    Hope to see you around the boards again.

    Diane sadly passed away in October 2003. We are honoring her memory and contribution to the IC movement in the IC Angels program. Learn more about that, and about Diane, at:


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      Heck Dianne has it really been that long since I first found you all? Where has the time gone?

      How are you keeping these days?

      I am very busy with the BPSA here in the UK, we are attending our first urologist exhibition next week. Feelings of excitement are mixed with nerves LOL. It is a 3 day event but we are making it a week away giving us time to sort things out. A whole week away from the family is the only bad bit, but I guess I have to get used to this.

      My health is not too bad right now except the Athritis in the back is still acting up. the bladder is mostly under control and the FMS just does what it feels like LOL.

      Look forward to more posts
      Best wishes
      Bladder Pain syndrome Association