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    travel hints

    Hey Kadi!
    I think if you already have an understanding of what you can and can't eat that will be helpful. Then you know your limits and can politely decline foods if you need to. I had to do that a few times, and just said I had a medical problem and was on a special diet. People understand. Plus, occasionally abroad you can find health stores... I was amazed to find some of the same acid free products in Iceland as we have here in America. And, even more so, the great majority of the foods there were a bit... what should I say... more pure than they are in America. Less preservatives and chemicals. I've heard on National Public Radio that there are much stricter food safety and organic purity laws established by the European Union...
    And plus.... when traveling on europe, you can often survive on great bread and cheese, two things that don't upset my IC!

    Thank goodness... doesn't Spain also have the siesta? If not, that still might be a good way to deal with heat... in other words... get out and do what you want in the morning, then take a break in the afternoon (rest indoors) then head back out in the evening. I know this is tradition in some european countries and latin america.

    Anyhoo, I hope you get to go. I had such a fun, stress free time I think it really helped me out. Now that I'm back, I am a bit more stressed and thus my symptoms have escalated.