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Dr Robert Evans - Uros he works with in Charlotte, Tampa, or Orlando???

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  • Dr Robert Evans - Uros he works with in Charlotte, Tampa, or Orlando???

    I currently live in FL. I have PM'd a few people on here which I know are seeing Dr. Robert Evans, at Wake Forest with this question already.

    Long story short, due to my IC condition and having no family in FL, my husband and I may be able to move to the Charlotte, NC vicinity in order to get assistance from our family in the area (large number of family). It’s not definite, but it’s possible.

    I have read on this board that there are several of Dr. Evans' patients that can't always drive or fly consistently to see him - so once their treatment is established with him - he will work with a Uro/Gyn knowledgeable of IC closer to where the patient lives, and then see Evans on a maintenance basis.

    So I have a two part question:

    (1) If you are seeing a good IC doctor in the greater Charlotte area, which Dr. Evans works well with, who is it?

    (2) If for some reason we would not be able to get approved for the move, are there any good Dr’s which work with Dr Evans that are located in the Tampa, FL or Orlando, FL area?

    I know some folks are very private, so if you would feel better PMing me the name of your doctor, please feel free.

    Thank you for all of your help!
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    Dx'd IC : 9/2010 Dx'd PFD : 4/2012

    Currently on:
    *Back on Elmiron [100mg] + *Elmiron/Bicarb/Lido INSTILLS 2x weekly----*Nortrel Birth control--*MagOx400--*Nitrofurantoin (1 after intercourse to avoid UTI's)--*Prelief--*Prosed--*Clonizapem--*Flexeril 10mg--*Zyrtec
    *PT for IC&PFD - Both hands on/all-up-in-there approach, and the breathing techniques/stretching approach--- helpful, but difficult to continue at home and make time in daily life

    Didn't work:
    *Nexium ,*Sanctura , *Enablex ,*Atarax ,*Allegra,*Arginine
    *Elavil (2 pills and I passed out, cold on the floor....)
    *Hydrodistention - Done by the best Dr, but did not prove to relieve any pain over long term at all
    *Gabapentin (DANGER - Caused suicidal thoughts, inconsolable crying & erratic behavior when mixed with Clonazepam & Flexeril)

    Hair loss/thinning/breakage Elmiron 300mg daily caused to my hair.... it is NOT a slight side effect

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    Re: Dr Robert Evans - Uros he works with in Charlotte, Tampa, or Orlando???

    This is old thread but was wondering if you found someone