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Help! I need a pain mananger Denver area!

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  • Help! I need a pain mananger Denver area!

    I just found out about this forum today.
    I too was a patient of Dr. Brookoff's. I have urologist, stimulator doctor, have been stable on meds + stimulator since 2002, and suddenly cannot find someone to continue my medication management. Does anybody know a doctor in Denver or Boulder area that writes for CII's?
    I've been on the same meds with much success and very little change since 2002, but this is after bladder was removed in 2000, (no pouch pain, complete bladder pain relief for about 4-6 weeks; bladder pain returned in anatomical bladder area) and sacral nerve (ANS) implant in 2001; combination of cystectomy, stimulator and pain management gave me back my life; control over pain. I am a management success story; I've never been pain free (except briefly following bladder removal) since diagnosis, but concentrated on getting pain level under control; so I could return to world of living, functioning people. I have made steady progress since 2002, and remained stable on basically the same meds; (except for the few times there has been interruption in my pain management i.e.; stimulator failures, mail order medication late; or pain clinic closed/doctor abandonement.) That last situation happened to me only once, back in 2001.
    Anyways, as I said, I have been working, functioning, pursuing career and stable on basically the same meds and levels since 2002 until now; but I'm going to run out this week...and still have not found "pain management" doctors in Boulder/Denver area that use narcotics. The thought of losing all the progress I've made, after 6-7 years of complete disability at 29 years old, (I'm 44 now) I can't even go there. If anyone knows anyone that is not not living in the dark ages when it comes to pain management, please please let me know. I 'm not looking to get high, I wouldn't even know what that was. I just want to keep working and functioning and get off disabilty for good. (And I have excellent insurance, Blue Cross through husband's work, FEHB.) I did see one posting about a doctor in Denver, and then there's red letters that say something like "she knows how I feel about pain meds and is okay with that." I don't know if that is the patient talking about the doctor, the doctor talking about the patient, or the bulletin board editor. I would like to think that any IC doctor is open to the responsible use of pain meds, if they help patient return to higher level of functioning.
    I have an appointment with someone on 1/4/10 but they are not familiar with IC and I have no idea if they will work with me. Its not even about IC anymore, as the pain management I received from 2002-2007 doctor (psychiatrist/med.manager) and from Dr. Brookoff was fairly standard pain management. There's no secret ingredient for Ic pain, expecially when you don't have your bladder anymore, and its "phantom" (I hate that term) or nerve memory. The only reason I prefer a pain doctor familiar with IC pain, is because they probably understand just how debillitating this pain is, how difficult it is to treat, and measure success by the level the patient is able to function, not the arbitrary average dose of pain medicine.

    I'm not gonna panic. Anybody, even 100 miles away, call me if you can help. Until Dr. Brookoff left, I was able to see him once every 3 months with an occasional issue, mail order my meds (which made them much more affordable). I never had a case of "abuse", or any "indications" of addictive behavior, or non-compliance, w/Dr. Brookoff or previous MD (who I've called, but he is not covered by my insurance and was very expensive/hence the reason I switched when Brookoff came to Denver.Stim doctor and urologist do not prescribe, that is what the pain management doctor specialized in; and it is only with stimulator And meds (and bladder removal) that I found my answer. Without stim AND meds, I am completely housebound and in terrible pain.
    Call me anytime ASAP, if you can help, know someone who can.
    Karen email [email protected]
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