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I really need IC support in Newark DELAWARE

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  • I really need IC support in Newark DELAWARE

    If your in my area, 19713, Newark. Let me know. Whether this is a support group or not. I'd even consider co-starting one. Anybody out there.!!

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    I live clear across the country from you --- I hope you'll hear from some folks closer to you.

    Sending healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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      I live close to Newark, that makes two of us!!

      Anybody else out there??
      Sorry for any mistakes in my English - I am not a native speaker


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        i'm a delawarean in pain too

        Originally posted by Goodnightmoon View Post
        I live close to Newark, that makes two of us!!

        Anybody else out there??
        i live in wilmington and was diagnosed about 4 months ago. still having a lot of issues. i'm on elmiron currently. i was diagnosed via Cystoscopy with hydrodistention which was the most painful experience i ever had in my life. my sister has a friend who has had this procedure done and she seems to think my doctor did a bad job because of the shear amount of pain i was in after wards. i couldn't even sleep the night of the procedure and took over a week to be able to pee without pain. my doctor refused to prescribe pain medication because he said people get addicted to it so he just let me cry every time i had to urinate for days because there was some remote chance that i was going to become a drug addict from a week's worth of medication. i want to switch doctors but don't know who's any good in delaware. my sister's friend is in maryland. any suggestions on urologists or gynos that you like or one's to stay away from would be greatly appreciated.


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          send me a private message if you still look for a doc in wilmington!
          Sorry for any mistakes in my English - I am not a native speaker


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            Re: I really need IC support in Newark DELAWARE

            I know this thread is really old and I apologize.
            Linda, yes I'm in Delaware as well, but in Dover.
            Gemi, there are some REALLY good urologists down south(Dover) if you are willing to travel. Urology Associates of Dover is REALLY good. They have 2 uros that specifically deal with female urology(Zaragoza and Vallarossi).
            On the second topic, I have ONLY used Dedicated to Women down in Dover(have been with them since the age of 9, I'm almost 36).
            Looking to be referred to a urogyn soon for trigger point injections for PFD. Looking at Christiana Care Center for Urogynecology.
            Diagnosed IC/PBS 4/20/2016 by cysto with hydrodistention(2/20/2016)
            PFD diagnosed 6/2016/ruling out either Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitir
            Update: Have Chiari 1 malformation, hydrocephalus-currently recovering from VP shunt placement on 1/3/2018.
            Also diagnosed with spina bifida occulta(causes urinary retention-currently working on a solution-accidentally found on 9/13/2017)
            Possibility of either occult tethered cord or tethered cord.

            Current meds:
            Elmiron 400 mg(2 pills in AM, 2 at bedtime)
            Benadryl 50 mg as needed at bedtime(wasn't prescribed for IC originally but does a good job of keeping it in check).
            Zonegran 200 mg once daily at bedtime(for migraine)
            Neurontin 300 mg once daily at bedtime(dosage changed to 900 mg/divided 3 times daily.
            Elavil 25 mg p.o once daily at bedtime.
            Zoloft 50 mg p.o once daily at bedtime
            Norco 5/325 mg p.o 4 times daily as needed for pain after neurosurgery
            Zanaflex 2-4 mg p.o every 6 hours p.r.n muscle spasms(works meh)