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  • Hmmm...?

    I was just sitting here with the computer on and watching the Outback Bowl with UGA and MSU and decided to come to the website all of a sudden. OK. I was actually thinking about something when I came on the ICN. Of course, I won't be getting an answer, but I was wondering how many people that live in Georgia have got IC. Of course, I can be aware there may be some that are not diagnosed so far. Then again, I could wonder how many people have got IC state by state. OK. I can realize there are people overseas and in Canada and wherever else that have been diagnosed with IC as well. I have seen the estimated number of people that have got IC. (esimated females and estimated males) 3 to 8 million women in the United States may have IC. That is about 3 to 6% of all women in the US. 1 to 4 million men have IC as well, however, this number is likely lower than the true rate because IC in men may often be mistaken for another disorder, such as chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Anyway, it would be nice to know how many people out of the population of Georgia, since I am in Statesboro, have got IC. By the way, I have talked face to face, in person, to another IC patient before.(more than one) (and even had a nurse, or whatever, to say she has got it before) I was wondering if I actually come within sight of more IC patients, or at least one more, without ever being aware. I don't know how many IC patients actually use the same local urologist.(nope) With all the estimated numbers, then it would seem like IC would be more well known by now. Yep!

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    I Live in Chicago, but I do know about 5 people personally who have IC. I am not sure how wide spread it is or how any people actually have it. I do know that it is more prevalent now than it was years ago which makes me wonder what is going on. I mean just like severe allergies, there are a ton of new cases of deadly peanut allergies now days. It was unheard of back years ago. I truely think that IC and alot of diseases are Human made. also bacteria are getting alot stronger than they use to be and that could be a huge culprit as well. I was just talking to one of my friends who has IC and we were talking about how many diseases could have been caused by scientists and their experiments ( warfare and such). I know I had watched a documentary back a few years ago about AIDS. In the documentary is stated that AIDS came about right after they came up with the poilo vaccine ( which was derived from chimpanzee's) I remember in the documentary they were saying that when they first came up with the first batch of polio vaccine they forced this village in Africa to get the vaccine to try it out. Well after 5 to 10 years 85% of that village was sick and dying from AIDS, though they did not know it was AIDS at that time. Of course these big wig scientists and doctors would NEVER admit to it. It was all covered up as usual. I am telling you alot of the diseases we have today are man made. Sad, but true. This is why I am not convinced there will ever be a cure for alot of these things.



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      I currently live right near Statesboro and was wondering who you see for your IC needs? My husband's job brought us to GA; we have a home state of WI.


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        I decided I would give you a welcome first of all. I happen to be a male, but I was still diagnosed with IC back in 1997. Yep! I did notice you had put "near Statesboro", but I would like to know what kind of job that your husband has that brought him all the way to Georgia from Wisconsin. Of course, you probably have been enjoying the 80+ degree weather lately. Oh! I don't know if you have found a urologist so far. I happen to see the one at East Georgia Urologic on East Grady Street. OK. I was diagnosed by one that has since retired. Also, I have been going to the Medical College of Georgia, now called Georgia Health Sciences University some, too. My local urologist has not been told. He just keeps telling me to stay on Elmiron, but I have never been impressed with it too much. He actually has me on antibiotics currently because I went and peed in the cup and tested positive for a UTI last week. What a bummer! Of course, I have been to the MCG to the neurology department as well. I have got degenerative disc disease in my lower back and often walk with a cane. Oh, yeah! I worked at Georgia Southern over 15 years and happen to be on disability retirement by now.(denied regualr disability twice by now) I am probably getting carried away by now. (and putting more than you were expecting) I actually had a cystoscopy/hydrodistention, my second one, up in Augusta on March 1st. (and gallbladder sugery locally on March 6th) Hey! I don't mind telling. Most of what I am typing has been typed on the website in different places by now. The urologist in Augusta has got me on Elmiron and Toviaz, but I am still not too impressed now. I am not one that has gotten much improvement, but I don't have all the pain with mine. (except chronic pain from degenerative disc disease)(which I just turned off the heating pad) OK. I will let that be all now.


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          My husband is a soldier. I am still in the process of seeing a urologist; seeing I must have a referral from my PCM first. I have only seen Dr. Stubbs with UroGyn Savannah seeing I have weakened pelvic floor muscles and pain of the vulva. He stated he thought I had IC or Endo. He was leaning more towards IC; seeing I only had 1 oz of solution in my bladder and couldn't take the burning pain with the cystoscopy. My bladder walls looked great but with the 1 oz solution started to look a little irritated. I had a tubal done at Chandler two months back and had a UTI during the surgery. Since then; been battling the urge/pressure. I have had countless negative UA's.


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            Wanting to give you a Georgia hello. I live in Dacula, which is NE of Atlanta. Could recommend an IC Dr. in this area, but not in yours. Hopefully you will have found one already.

            I seldom get online in this support, but look often on Facebook in the ICA page. It relates mainly to ease of use in that forum vs signing in to this one.

            I have always wondered ( since diagnosis last year) how the population is affected with IC. Would love to see a poll.

            My journey is getting better after a year of treatment, one surgery and one coming up this week.

            Take good care and continue to get better.


            Diagnosed IC March 2011
            Vulvadynia,Pelvic floor dysfunction. Adhesive tissue repair, rectocele repair 8/11
            Tried:Rescue Instillation "heparin,lidocaine cocktail" ( Happy Hour ) discontinued after 12
            Physical therapy
            Hydroxizine25mg @night
            Amytriptolyne 20 [email protected]
            Zolpidem 5mg @bed

            Today: Nutritional Balancing Program. No longer on any medication. Diet& supplement specific.

            "You have to laugh to keep from crying"
            "long road,little wheel, it takes a lot of turns to get there..."