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Anyone know of IC specialist near Peoria IL?

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  • HeNiRo
    Re: Anyone know of IC specialist near Peoria IL?

    I know this is an old post, but saw it and thought I'd ask. I live in Peoria and my Uro passed away too, Dr. Hernandez. Was that yours? He was great!! I see Dr. Drinnis now and she is really nice. I haven't had to see her much though, just for check-ups and stuff. Just thought I'd see if that is who you were talking about.

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  • karla9
    started a topic Anyone know of IC specialist near Peoria IL?

    Anyone know of IC specialist near Peoria IL?

    Hi all...I know I have responded to other threads with this information, but I think I am reaching a desperation level like no other. My wonderful specialist passed away this year. I began seeing another doc in the practice, however he does not specialize in IC. I am in the biggest flare of my life right now....had a rescue treatmet last week with the NP in the office and am taking otc meds for pain, and have some tramadol prescribed last year by a doc for my endometriosis..I have been desperate enough to take that old medication. When I have approached my doc for something for pain, he has turned it down, which has made me feel humilated. Because of that, I have not asked for any help with pain meds to save my pride and self esteem when in his office. I just want to find a doctor who understands, and doesn't seem confused when I tell him about my back pain related to my IC. (Long story, but doc didn't believe it was related and thousands of dollars in tests later finally gave in to the concept of it being an IC related symptom). He is usually booked out about 3 to 6 months, so I usually have to see the NP who really isn't interested in learning about IC. I have offered them information for this website to hand out to their patients, which they do not seem interested in at all. Anyways, if there is someone out there who has found a great doc in central Illinois, I would truly appreciated the information. Sorry for the rambling...I am just so tired of feeling sick and in pain all the time.