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Where are the pain specialists in Indiana?

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  • Where are the pain specialists in Indiana?

    Does anyone know of a pain specialist in Indiana that is willing to treat IC patients? The last one thought I was seeking drugs and referred me to a drug clinic.

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    Re: Where are the pain specialists in Indiana?

    My experience with two pain clinics wasn't very good. All they offered me was nerve blocks. They didn't seem to get what I was after and for me, that was short-term pain relief when I go into a bad flare. If you're looking for pain medication...good luck. I'm beginning to think that even cancer patients can't get the relief they need.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any specific information for your locale, but below is a link that offers general information on how to find a pain clinic. Good luck to you!!

    Also, if you go to the link below for this site, there are several specialists mentioned that practice in Indiana that are recommended for the treatment of IC. I don't know if geographically, they're near you but even if they're not, you might give them a call and see if they have any recommendations for a pain management doctor.
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      Re: Where are the pain specialists in Indiana?

      From reading posts by other members, I suspect that there are many pain management specialists who try blocks before going to other treatment options. It's my understanding that if a "temporary" pain block works, they can numb the specific nerve for a long period. My sister-in-law had a block recommended and that's what they told her. The pain she had was residual from shingles. It might be worth a try.

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