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Anyone out there in Kansas?

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  • Anyone out there in Kansas?

    Just checking if there were an people suffering with IC in Kansas? Would be great to have someone to chat with!

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    I'm from Kansas! Although I might not be very helpful because I have only recently been diagnosed and am more scared than knowledgable.


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      Hello! I am glad that I found you! I don't know how knowlegable I am either, but it would certainly be nice to have someone to talk about things with. I have had IC for about 10 years now, and am going through a particulary rough patch right now. Where in Kansas do you live? Do you have a good doctor that you like? I am always trying to find someone good to see and I have found that that is tough. Most doctors just aren't interested in following up with someone that has something as challenging as this. How old are you? I'd love to hear back from you and see how you are managing things. I hope you are feeling well for today!


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        Hi ladies. I was just wondering what doctors you all see in Kansas? And what type of doctor that they are, and if you loke them and think that they are a good docto I am trying to find a docto for a second opioin and heard that there are a few specialist in KC.



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          Hi I am from KS too KC to be exact I was diagnosed in 2004 and am struggling with my IC, it has gotten worse over the years... Anyways The doctor that diagnosed me is the top IC specialist here in KS, he is a urologist and his name is Dr. Tomas Griebling and he works in KU hospital. There is also a Doctor named Chip Buttrick that does bladder installations, which didnt help me but could help you. You would have to look up Dr. Buttrick online, I dont remember where I saw him. Dr. Griebling also does Interstim Implants, he did mine... I hope that helps Beverely. I have been looking for IC friends in KS for a very long time. I would like to chat with either one of you guys. Shellgirl you can message me on here I would love to chat and give you my email.

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            Ottawa KS

            Hey Ladies
            I am in Ottawa just moved here and looking for a decent an appt here in Ottawa for Tuesday..just general physician for now.
            Nice to be in touch with anyone in KS about this hellish condition. I was diagnosed many years ago..around 20, but this is the worst flare I have had in decades.


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              Hi Ladies. I live in DeSoto, KS. It's between Lawrence and Olathe. If ya'll ever plan a get together, I'd love to sit and talk about IC with a real person.


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                Hi ladies in Kansas!! I, too have been referred to Dr. Buttrick. Does anyone have a good word about him? I'm scheduled with him in July. And because I am relatively new to this condition, what exactly is an interstim implant?


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                  I was born in Kansas but moved away from there when I was a little girl.

                  The interstim is an instrument that is actually implanted in the buttocks and sends tiny, tiny stimulant shocks to specific nerves; it sometimes helps with urinary frequency. If you do a google search for interstim, you'll find lots of information.

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                    I'm in Wichita Kansas, look for me on FB
                    Tracy Cochran Shuflat


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                      Re: Anyone out there in Kansas?

                      Originally posted by Key49 View Post
                      Hi ladies in Kansas!! I, too have been referred to Dr. Buttrick. Does anyone have a good word about him? I'm scheduled with him in July. And because I am relatively new to this condition, what exactly is an interstim implant?
                      I just joined the forum and I live in the KC area. My doc mentioned a few urogynocologists in the area including Dr. Buttrick but I didn't read very good reviews on him, so I'm curious if you liked him and would recommend at this point.


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                        Re: Anyone out there in Kansas?

                        I live in Kansas City! I see Dr Butrick. I like him a lot. His nurses are amazing! If your flaring they will get you in as soon as possible, squeezing you in between appts. I just joined the icn but I've browsed this forum for a long time. Its been very helpful!


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                          Re: Anyone out there in Kansas?

                          I am in kansas and recently diagnosed.
                          I need to see if he takes my insurance because he is really close to me.


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                            Re: Anyone out there in Kansas?

                            yes! me! Lawrence ks!


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                              Re: Anyone out there in Kansas?

                              I am working with Dr Griebling. I have had this for years, and through pregnancies. I just didn't know that was what it was! I have a mid urethral sling (tape) that I thought was the culprit of my pain. But, up until I was sent to Dr Griebling, from my urologist here, I was just diagnosed last Friday, from hydrodestention/cystoscopy.

                              I'm glad I found this forum. This disease is very hard, physically and emotionally. Yay for support!