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anyone know a good New Orleans area doctor?

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  • anyone know a good New Orleans area doctor?


    I have had ic for about four years now. I have it pretty much under control. I have been able to cut most ic triggers out of my life, I watch my diet, don't drink anything but water, try to maintain other healthy lifestyle habits that help keep it manageable. The things is though, sex and traveling still trigger my ic and even though I have modified the way I do both I still have ic pain triggered by them and I don't want to give up either in my life. Once my ic gets going the only thing that helps is opioid pain medicine. I have had so much trouble finding a doctor willing to help me, and the stress of not being able to have any medicine when need it, makes it so much worse. I feel every doctor I have seen treats me like crazy pill seeker when I'm not at all. I do not have regular doctor. I am still searching for one. But I really cannot physically, mentally, or financially keep wasting my time on doctors that do not take me seriously. If anyone out there has any recommendations for a good doctor in Louisiana or the New Orleans area that is actually willing to help manage the pain please let me know!! Thank you!!