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Anyone in Bozeman?

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  • Anyone in Bozeman?

    Anyone in the Bozeman, Montana area? I'm stuck in this town with a urologist (the only one in the area) who doesn't know anything about IC, and no friends to share a hug with! Please let me know I'm not alone!

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    Wow, I'm surprised Bozeman even has a urologist! It's never struck me as being that large of a town.

    I'm not in your area, but can relate to being isolated where both medical professionals as well as fellow IC'ers are concerned. My uro is down in Coeur D' Alene ID, a three+ hour drive. -I don't see him much!

    Guess all I can offer is a cyber hug! This site is really great for those though!

    "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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      I'm in Belgrade!

      Hi Roxy5
      I was thinking that I was the only one in Montana with IC.Nice to know I'm not alone and now you aren't either. I been told by my gyn that there is a woman uro in Billings that might be okay to go to.lets keep in touch
      "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it" good quote but but there sure are a lot of days i don't want to wear my big girl panties

      Have bladder problems most of my life.
      IC diagnosis Nov '05
      hyster Feb'06
      Hydro/Cysto Feb'06

      Taking Elmiron twice a day
      Elavil 20mg at night


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        Roxy---are there any UROGYN's in your area? Or GYN's who have knowledge of IC? How about a teaching hospital?
        You might want to give your insurance--or local hospital--a call to inquire about Dr's who have IC knowledge.

        Hope you start feeling better soon!
        (o.O )
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          two years later..

          Might be a little late but I'm in Montana! Missoula. Saw a uro there, but went to a urogyno in Virginia (where my parents live). So I don't know anything about resources there.

          The uro recommended a support group from IC. I wanted to ask if he was kidding - IS there one in Montana?? Or even a urogynecologist??


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            I'm 19 starting to FINALLY diagnose my ic, what did you end up doing for your ic in bozeman I'm in big sky


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              Re: Anyone in Bozeman?

              I'm in Bozeman. I have gone to the urologists here in Bozeman and Billings and am very disappointed that no one can give me real answers. All they say is that we can't do anything for you right now but help manage the pain. I have found out what foods trigger symptoms and what other factors can cause a flare-up. It is frustrating to have no one to go to for information. I have found out more on my own by searching the web. So for now, I try to do what I can each day to deal with the symptoms.


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                Re: Anyone in Bozeman?

                I'm in Bozeman. Would like to hear from others in the area. Finding it difficult to make others understand what IC is doing to me and how it affects my life.