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Grad Student/Journalist/Ic Patient Looking for Women IC Sufferers in the NYC Area

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  • Grad Student/Journalist/Ic Patient Looking for Women IC Sufferers in the NYC Area

    Hi all,

    I'm a graduate student at Columbia University's journalism program, and I am working on a long piece about young women with interstitial cystitis. The hope is that it will be published in a women's magazine. I have the condition, which began when I was 17, but was not diagnosed until I reached 21. So it's a subject I'm really passionate about.

    I'm looking for women in the NYC area who might be interested in being part of my article. I'm looking, in particular, for younger women, but I'd also be happy to talk with women in their middle or old age. My main focus is the condition's psychological effects, and how it affects relationships and sex life.

    Please let local friends know if you think they may be interested! I'm looking to talk with women as soon as possible.

    Good luck with everything, fellow ICers! You can reach me at: [email protected]


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    I am 55 but believe me I can give you alot of info on so much, but i live in Alabama. If you are interested send me a private message and i will tell you what has happened since 2007. All of these things may or may not have contibuted to my IC. I even wrote Oprah Winfrey, so far no reply it sure would help us all if she did a segment on IC.

    Good luck,

    keep in touch trying to survice IC and more like so many others.
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      ny IC suffer

      I got IC at 41 young enough to shed some light on subject.


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        I was diagnosed at 17 too. (i'm 18 now) I live in New York. It's been really hard for me because I am a senior in high school. It's hard to concentrate and whatnot. I'd love to tell you my story !
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